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I've never been any good at accepting compliments but the other night at work i really enjoyed it....

One of my collegues is the type of lady that is very pretty, all the men fancy her, and gawd she knows it, she's not happy unless the attention is on her. When i first went on LL she made silly comments like "whats the point" and 2that sounds like a stupid diet, it'll never work" she would enjoy flashing food in front of me all the time, with comments like "oh, you can't have this, can you?". I haven'tworked with her for about 6 weeks and this week when she saw me she said "are you still on your stupid diet? Is it working? strange how she is the only one NOT to see the weight loss.

Well as the night went on one of our one duty doctors came onto the ward (most of the women fancy the ar*e off im), i also haven't seen him since i first began LL ( when i first started he was very supportive) he looked and me and said " hello, haven't seen you for ages, i see the diet is going really well?!.....looking good" i felt a little embarassed but it felt great because the MISS I LOVE MYSELF gave me a filthy look and returned with "Ha yer but will you keep it off when you start eating?"

Doc said to her "don't be ridicous course she will" again she didn't like it because for once the attention was not on her....LOL

When you get situation like that it makes it all worth it........And for once i accepted the complement.

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Good for you! Learn to accept compliments gracefully and ignore that silly cow. your whole life will change and the attitude and outlook of people like her will have no impact on your life!
Wonderful! Great story. Now you'll rake in more comments and hopefully it will be in front of her. God, who does she think she is???
WOW! What a great guy.... now I fancy the ar$e off him. Sod the silly moo - she needs to change her attitude and learn a bit of empathy or she's going to be miserable her whole life!

Brilliant story actually - has started my day with a smile.

I had a good one yesterday when my neighbour walked straight past me at the local shops. I put my hand out to stop her and say hello and she said.. "God, I wouldn't have recognised you...:D " and then complimented me on the weight loss.

Stuff like that is nice!!
Great story Fuzzy,
can imagine her face - good on ya!

When will you be working with her again? Hopefuly not too soon - if you are tho - stay extra strong :)

Well done to you gajingirl - certainly compliments like that give you a boost to get through the day :D

I had a bit of 'road rage' on friday! It was me who started the shouting, in the end the bloke shouted ' get lost you stupid arse' how happy was I - was well chuffed he didnt say ' get lost you fat cow!' would've been the first thing i reckon before!! :D myself and my Son drove of laughing :p
Ha love it, and great to know others have faith in you isn't it:cool: Sounds like she's clutching at straws.

You show her gal!

LOL Geri :D
OOh dishy doctors sticking up for you against evil, jealous beeyatches!!!

Every girl's fantasy, I would say LMTO!!!!!

Good for you, hun! Relish that moment!!!!
That doc sounds great!!

You know what though? I actually feel sorry for the nasty cow that put you down. She sounds insecure to me, needing to have the attention like that shows she doesn't believe in herself unless others do, and putting you down probably shows she is scared in some way. Either scared you will surpass her professionally or physically.

Anyway good on you for accepting the compliments, you deserve them, and remember anything the cow says to you in the future, is much more a reflection on her than you!

Hia Mandi,

I loved your post! Not only is the doctor obviously not impressed with your colleague (and I think she knows it now), he's obviously impressed with you!

How long have you been doing LL? Are you enjoying the CBT, or found it useful? Have you found it easy to incorporate LL into your daily life?

Like you, I feel positive that THIS time I won't put the weight back on. Why? Because of the counselling. It has shown me how food has manipulated me (and me it) and has given me the ammunition to fight back against overeating/binge eating.