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Want to give up. :-(


On a mission!
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Oh no Peggysue, sorry to hear you're feeling so rough. Think it's the time of year to be coming down with pesky viruses! Have you any of the Lipotrim chicken soups? I know they're not great but might feel better going down than a cold shake. Take a couple of Paracetamol maybe in case you have a bit of a fever. Hope you feel better soon xx

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Hang in there if you can. I've been ill, on-and-off, since I stared this 3 weeks ago... one thing after another! But one thing I've realised is that you don't need all those sugary cough sweets etc - you really do just need to drink water and gargle with saltwater (although granted it's a poor replacement for a hot toddy). You can still take non-sugar coated pain killers (I take the fizzy paracetamol and codine from boots).
Have lots of hot teas/water and rest. I promise that you won't heal any slower for being on the diet or any quicker by coming off it - it's just horrible winter bugs.
Hope you feel better soon (I've found being ill takes my mind off the diet and gives me something else to moan about :)) xx
Poor u :( hope u feel better soon..I know wen ur not feeling 100% the diet seems harder but it will pass,hang in there n think why u started..:) I have a weak immune system so I'm always getting a cold but it does go jus with lots of water n plenty of rest..good luck n remember the bad days come n go b4 u know it u will b on a good xx


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Don't give up after all your hard work, have a hot bath, a couple of pain killers, a hot mint tea or a chicken soup and an early night and think positive thoughts about how great you will feel when you have lost the weight you want to lose. Keep strong x


On a mission!
S: 13st8lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 1st8lb(11.58%)
Thank you all I'm in bed and staying strong!!! Xxxx
Best place for you at the moment hun, you'll probably feel miles better after a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams! :)
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Feel better soon
x x x
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Awww don`t give up hun, plenty of sleep babes and lots of hot drinks..... love to you XXX get well soon :)
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Feel better soon Peggysue xx

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S: 13st8lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 1st11lb(13.16%)
3 cubes of cheese will not have knocked u out of ketosis. Write it off, forget about it and keep going xx

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Chin up hun you can do it ! draw that LT line and move on x


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Peggy... sorry to hear your feeling naff...keep your water intake up. That will flush the bug outta your system and it will also help keep the hunger away.

Its only because your feeling rought that you've even given into to temptation...you've been doing so well honey. Although sometimes your body does when poorly need a bit extra...I caved and have food today but tomorrow I'm back to 100% I don't care I'm not going to derail myself after all the hard work i've done so far and I'm NOWHERE near finished yet!

Keep strong honey you can do this x x x

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