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Wanting quicker results


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Just having a little vent.

I lost two and a half stone on CD two years ago and felt ecstatic. I pretty much maintained, at ten pounds or so above my lowerst weight (with two eleven day stints of SS) until this Easter. I then put on a further stone (from hovering around eleven and a half, to twelve and a half to thirteen)

Since then I've done a month of SW in July, and put the stone I lost promptly back on.

To get rid of persistent sugar and carb cravings and try get back down to eleven and a half or even eleven once and for all, I'm doing SS+ now (it's Day 5) and am feeling hungry at the minute, but mostly alright, just about. I'm giving myself a strangely hard time about the results so far though. Clothes that were beginning to feel tight, now feel okay. But somehow, because I cut back for 5 days before, so have been dieting 10 days, I want my clothes to feel looser and I want to look different. Yet, I'm probably just back at a weight I've been quite alot in the last few months- around 12'4 or 5, so no one has commented yet and no big change feels like it's happened yet.

I re started at 12'9 on Tuesday, having originally started CD in 2006 at 13'5. (though had already lost about a stone then after dieting for a month).

I suppose I'm impatient for that feeling of ecstatic weight loss and rediscovering old clothes and a long lost figure to kick in. But that time I'd been quite overweight for three or four years, and so it was a new journey. This time I've only been about a stone overweight before pulling it back, so it's not like I'm rediscovering relative slimness in the same way.

I feel impatient to get down to eleven and a half stone and be aware of that more radical change. People I've seen in the last few days who were complimenting me madly when I got down to this weight last time, haven't said I've lost weight or look good. However, from their point of view, it's a) not a novelty that I now weigh less than I used to and b) I still weigh over a stone more than the least I was, so in fact if anything would look like I've put on weight.

Hmm. Writing that down has helped. It's not that the results aren't as good this time (I presume not anyway, WI on Wednesday), but just that the journey is completely different. Once I had the feeling though of being really different and significantly able to wear different things, I was just flying along last time. I suppose I might expect that to kick in more in around three more weeks once I (hopefully) get to the mid 11s. Or even in two weeks once I'm nicely under 12 stone.

My fiance is worried about me doing the diet and thinks it's very unhealthy. He doesn't sabotage, but I don't like there being this source of tension between us, and would like to stop as soon as I can. At the moment I've been trying to balance how ecstatic I know I'll feel when I'm back near goal against this (my increased confidence will have a positive effect on our relationship I think, and more quickly than if I did SW again), but because it's not hit me yet, I haven't got the full feeling of the positive. Just the feeling of being hungry!

I need to focus on where I'm heading not where I am. Hmm. Sorry for ramble, I think it makes a bit more sense to me now though. Onwards to more water and a tuna steak for tea!
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Hey hey Kate... I think you answered all of your own questions there :D:D

Maybe start to prepare for when you do finish ss and get some kind of healthy eating/exercise plan in place for when you feel it is the right time to finish CD!

Lovely to see you back posting again

Gen xxx

Serena A

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I know how you feel Kate, I've lost 2stone 4lb in just over 8 weeks and yet I feel like I'm getting nowhere. I started off in a tight size 18 and am now in a loose size 16 so I feel as though I've not really lost much when it comes to dress size. Not one person has noticed my weight loss either - I just get supportive comments from the people who know that I'm dieting which is nice but it doesn't seem to count in my head!

Stick at it though and keep reminding yourself when you feel impatient that there's no hurry really as the only alternative is to do nothing and stay the same/gain - the months will pass by whatever our choice. Good luck x
Hi Kate

I am new to the board but am so glad I found it!
Your message sums up just how I feel but doing this diet I hope to lose this excess weight sooner rather than later.
I am starting SS this Monday (honest) having lost over 5st with Cambridge before and overtime putting nearly one and half stones back on I am determined to get losing the weight again.
Truly it is the only diet that has worked for me and like you with SW I actually put on weight.
Also I do not want to have to do CD forever but this I do know - it does work and quickly too and with the weightloss I know I just feel so much happier and confident.



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Hi Lulee. Thanks for your support and Welcome to Minimins. I always found it very helpful first time round and have been lurking alot in the last few days getting inspiration.

Serena A. Thanks for that. I think from a tight Size 18 to a loose size 16 IS a big difference- and the dress sizes are less spread out as you lose more weight. So from 16 down to 14, the leap will be shorter.

Hi Gen-yes, I must keep thinking about the way forward after CD. I've never gone up all the steps properly so that'll be my starting point. Lovely to hear from you again. It's nice to be back (sort of!).

The first weekend in ages where I'm not busy and my OH's at work all day til 9. So time is dragging a little. Going to take a gentle walk in a bit I think after I've read the papers and tried my first leek and potato soup.

It's Day Six and I'm still quite hungry, but resigned. I'm looking forward to Wednesday. First W.I and I'll get to have bars- hurrah, hurrah! My CD salvation...
really great post. I am on week 4 now and lost 13lbs in my first 2 weeks and stayed the same in week 3 so its been and up and down journey. keep posting as i love reading the long posts!


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Well, this won't be a long post cos I just lost one elsewhere I tried to post, but I'm sharing mixed news on the CD front.

The good thing was that come Monday I really began feeling slimmer. Trousers that had been tight on Friday now fitted fine- and they're my favourite trousers.

Then when I said I was dieting yesterday, one person said "ooh, I thought you'd lost weight" and another said "Thought you were looking trim, I was admiring your figure". So, good all round.

BUT then, at WI today I've only lost 3.8 pounds in my first week. Hmm. Surprised. Would have bet on 7 or 8. But I don't have scales in the house at the mo. I'm going to buy some later now, but it's still a bit frustrating. I don't feel that I actually am the 12'5 alleged by my CDC's scales this morning.

Possible solutions;
Had hake and green salad at a meal out yesterday. Despite asking for it dry, the hake had some butter on I think,and the salad some oil. Could this have had a strange effect?
OR...the first three days of my diet I had probably in total four cups of tea with a splash of (skimmed) milk in.
OR...I've never done CD while on the pill. I'm due on my period in about three days but have assumed that because a pill period is sort of artificial, I shouldn't really have water retention or anything. Plus the amount I've been weeing means I can't possible have!

I have drunk lots and lots and stuck to it otherwise. Only had my first bar today (yay!).

I know water does all sorts to scales- but, heck. What if that really is all I've lost in week 1? That would only be my glycogen stores emptying and no fat.

Serena A

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Salt can make you retain water hence us not being allowed to add any to the CD soups etc, maybe you had quite a bit of salt in the meal that you had out yesterday? Even though you avoided the carbs I'm guessing the hake was seasoned with salt as well as butter and the salad dressing would have had it in too. I'm sure your trousers wouldn't be able to go from tight to comfortable in just 3.8 lbs so I wouldn't get too disheartened - your body will probably catch up next week :)


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totm, even when on the pill can make you retain some water hon. even if you are drinking gallons of the stuff, as we all are, you're still going to retain a little extra...

serena is right. your body will catch up with you next week. if your trousers are loose, that's the main thing :D

abz xx
Hey Kate!!!
I think you are doing brilliantly......you have more or less kept the weight off from the 1st time!!!! well done.......
Oh and although the scales didnt show much weight loss maybe you lost inches instead!!!! take comfort in the fact that your clothes are feeling better!!!



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Hello Shelly,
thank you and everyone else.
I have good news to report. After increasing anxiety, and grumpy feelings of "hmmph, might as well be doing Slimming World", I have just had my week 2 WI and lost 3.2 pounds!

Am so chuffed as I feel I'm on track now and WILL feel different and good in the next couple of weeks.

On my CDCs scales I was 12'2. My first half stone gone. It's actually only six days since my last weigh in, and this one was in the afternoon whilst the last was in the morning.

I'm now able to think that I'll SS+ for another two weeks and then start moving up the plans. Hurrah!

Going to start a thread about it on the main CD forum, in case any strugglers get inspired...
Well done hun :) i'm inspired by you :) like you I don't have much to lose and can't wait to work back up the plans. I think you've done really well to stay positive - I'm making it my aim this time to judge my progress by my shape/size as well as the scales, as I honestly believe that just using the scales as a judge of how you're doing isn't very helpful. Scales lie :) our feelings dont! x
Such an honest and insightful post, I really found myself in it. How are you doing now? You must be so much closer to your goal (last time you wrote was four weeks ago)? Keep us informed, I found your letter ever so inspiring.

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