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Wanting to try xenical but unsure


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Hello everyone

I've been doing Slimming World for a while now and have got nowhere, I feel like something like xenical could help me but I'm not sure as all I keep hearing about it are horror stories - are they really that bad side effects? Also they sound really confusing - I chose SW as you don't need to count or measure anything, is there a lot of that with xenical? Would my GP give me an eating plan or something?

Thanks guys

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hi and welcome.

firstly most gp's will just give you the prescription and say on your way.. i dont think ive heard of any that actually tell you what to eat and not to eat.

the side effects can be horrendous, but thats all down to your own eating. stick to the rules (5g per 100g of fat per product/food used and no more than 15g per meal) and you wont have the effects!

ive been on them since october (on and off as i have a lot of weekends where i am not at home) but more on than off, and ive only had oil (not an overly lot but still worried it was going to go all in my pants etc (sorry tmi) and that was because i ate a slim fast snack bar, and they are not in the rules (me stupidly thought they would be ok)

there are many of us who are sw and xenical. and some on other diets also...

i find the recipie books for sw are great!! and if it has anything that has more than 5g per 100g then i will either not put it in or find something to sub it with...

hope this has helped :)


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Thanks Kes that's helped a lot. So say something has exactly 5g of fat per 100g, I can have 300g of it in one meal? So I could have 300g of chicken breast/beef with veggies for dinner? I take it there's a lot of packet checking? Is it OK if your meal is less than 15g of fat? I imagine brown bread sandwiches would be no where near that - thats the kind of thing I have for lunch.

Also, what kind of things do you snack on?

Sorry for all the questions - complete noob here!!

Thanks again xxxx


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ahh dont worry about asking questions, thats what we are all here for...
im not great at maths to be honest. but what you said sounds fine, but i dont know anyone who would want to eat 300g of chicken.. lol

there is a thread in here somewhere, of my hubbys meals he cooks me (and i cook too) have a flick through that and some diaries to get some ideas on foods you can eat...

i dont generally eat any where near 15g per meal...

for example today ive had,

weetabix and skimmed milk, with berries.
nothing for snack (dont usually have a morning snack anymore)
pasta with tinned tomato, bacon, mushroom, onion and sweetcorn sauce (made from stratch with be good to yourself bacon (but i normally have the weight watchers bacon))
and for dinner we are having green thai curry (in the recipie thread i was telling you about) which is close to 15g because of the half fat coconut milk... now the coconut milk is 7%, but i seem to be able to get away with that one... but not everyone can if you get what i mean...


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Thanks Kes, some great ideas for me there! I think I'm going to try following the rules before I start taking the pills just to see if I can manage it. I'm pretty much already eating what you've said you've had today. I get what you mean about the 7%, some people will be able to go slightly above the 5g rule where as others might not? So I'll need to be careful with that if I start the tablets. Can you still drink spirits on them?? I don't drink that much really, maybe one weekend out of a month, but just wondering!

Thanks so much :)


Go on smile! =)
Hi, I've been using Xenical for about 9months and not once have i had any nasty side effects. It's all about following the rules, if you dont then you will have them. Don't listen to these stories usally its about people failing on them and blaming the pill. GL
I agree with Red completely. The only side effects I've ever had are when I deserved them - when I knowingly ate something that wasn't within the rules.
As long as you don't mind reading a lot of food packaging in the beginning, you'll be fine. After that it becomes second nature :)

And yes, spirits are fine on Xenical - alcohol in itself won't give you side effects with the Xenical, but obviously spirits are better because they contain fewer calories than beer or wine :)

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