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I want to want to do exante. I want to do it more than anything. So why am I finding it near impossible. I have done it before (lt vlcd), for 6 whole weeks, so why am I messing this up everyday.
I want to start exercising, but instead of doing it I just think and talk about doing it, and how good I will feel once I have done it....I know, I've done it in he past.
I hate the way I look and feel. I hate feeling bloated and just ugh all the time.
I just don't know what I need to get me into gear?
I hate feeling like this so why don't I do it!!!!
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I can't help you there honey, I was the same, been faffing around on CD for months on and off and gaining all the time! Finally got my head in the zone and so far I am hanging on in there. Once you can get yourself into the zone, you will be fine hun. Take one day at a time x x x


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Im the same at the moment... but whats a few months out of the rest of our lives? You can do it!

Im doing this because Im sick and tired of hating how I look, of letting people treat me badly because I dont believe I deserve better soley because of my weight! Millions of things will happen in our lives to make us feel rubbish which we cant control, our weight is one of the things we can control and its something which can make us feel so much better about ourselves and healthier, there is only one person stopping us and thats ourselves, same as their is only one person who can make this happen...
............we all of us have the same problem. We are addicted to the very thing that we need to survive........ you cannot say that about any other addiction (I got that one from Jeremy Kyle this morning) that said it is true!!!! So to try to break that addiction is very, very tough. I am within site of my goal and I have been sooooooooo good on Exante until recently...........what's that all about??? I just keep reminding myself that if I don't give up I will get there eventually. That's what I say to you.............don't give up and it will all come right in the end. Good luck xx
Thankyou everyone - just hit on this thread & so glad I did - I am strruggling as well at the moment and the last 3 posts have really rung true for me - I must stick at it, but not get put off by a few difficult days.

I am especially going to try to remember this -
Millions of things will happen in our lives to make us feel rubbish which we cant control, our weight is one of the things we can control and its something which can make us feel so much better about ourselves and healthier, there is only one person stopping us and thats ourselves
- if I can keep recalling that it will really help.
I'm at the same place too. It's true, we are the only ones who can get this thing straight in our heads, but it does help sooo much to know others feel the same. Sending positive vibes out to all of us strugglers - one day at a time! :)


I will never give up
ahh lucy ive been thinking about you hun how are you? ive had a bad 2 weeks but am on day 3 of my restart and i seem to be more focused. are you back on track?
Hi Spyro! Well, today = so far so good. Day 3 - you must be over the worst? Good for you, I think if I can reach day 3 I'll be ok! There seem to have been a few of us slipping up over the last few weeks, blame the weather?!! I've just put some Christmas lights up, looking out the window at the snow falling and feeling quite cozy - time for a coffee I think, I might even do some exercises to keep warm ;)

Thanks ladies,

It seems that I need to get it straight in my head first, nobody can do this for me but me, your right.

It seems like vlcd are the magical quick cure to lose weight fast, just wish there was a magical pill that can make you do it!:eek:
Hi mummytummy,

hope you have had a good day.

VLCD is not for everyone - but if you have a lot to lose it does get you seeing results quickly - and that helps because it does not seem like such an impossible task. Some people find they get on better with a slower more steady diet plan - guess its down to what suits the individual & until you try it you won't know whether its for you or not.

I was the biggest cynic out there about vlcd's and did not believe they were a good idea at all - thought they were a real faddy diet doomed to failure - I wasn't that supportive when my daughter went on exante for the first time - but I got up one morning and thought I would give it a go - luckily still had a supply of said daughter's "left overs" - I was obviously in the right mood for it because the first few weeks just sailed by.

So if you want to, do this give your best shot, and who knows, it may be just right for you once you get going!

Heres to success - whichever way you achieve it.
thank you here we go again!

I'm doing well this week, give myself a good kick in the backside and have been doing well since monday!
I have donr a vlcd oct last yr for 6 weeks and lost 30lbs for a special occasion and i felt brilliant! But stopped after. I have PCOS and find it very difficult to lose weight on something like ww or sw even though I like them diets very much. After losing the 30lbs I was pregnant by the end of december, which i put down to the weight loss! so you have all been warned!!!lol
so that is why i haven't dieted all yr but tried to be good through pregnancy.

Like you said one last push before x-mas which will do some good damage limitation over the festive period as I tend to have from the 23rd to the 26th off and off for nye and nyd. Then on to lose the rest which is around the 70lb mark xxx

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