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Warm chocolate tetra?

I've warmed mine in the microwave for about 40 seconds. It's lovely but if you make it too hot it can develop a skin. And the skin keeps occuring between mouthfuls as it cools.... not pleasant!
Yeah... I just poured it into the mug. But I imagine you could microwave it in the tetra like you do custard.
Be careful microwaving it in the tetra - they might be foil lined, which your microwave might not like!
Or... :D

Use the biggest mug you can find so that the chocolate tetra only takes up half the space and top up to the brim with water from the kettle.

Dilutes it just enough to stop that custardy-ness and in my opinion, it's thoroughly yummy and smells gorgeous - actually has my work colleagues drooling, LOL.

If you haven't got a big mug, have half a tetra at a time and put the other half back in the fridge for later. :)
oooh.. Lily must try that! Heaton's sell lovely "pint" mugs at the moment; I have one and use it for my coffee with choc/vanilla hot shakes.
Thanks for the tip! I have some HUGE mugs from when I've ordered stuff from Sports Direct and they send you a free one haha! And my boyfriend has a huge Newcastle United mug that I can steal. Will try it today :)
thats what i do lily or i half the tetra and add hot water then i have the other half after.. or i freeze it and leave it to warm for a wee while then i have it as a ice cream desert :) xx
Someone somewhere will feel obliged to tell you that it's not advised you should freeze tetras (though I really find it tough to believe it does any damage to the nutrients in them).

But I've always made ice cream from my tetras. Your freezer may vary but I find three hours in the freezer is about right.

Alternatively, freeze as long as you like, but get it out of the freezer about an hour before you want to eat it.

Chocolate ones are the best. Banana and strawberry ones don't seem to work as well.
Yay thanks :) I will put one in the freezer now for later. I have a couple of spare ones somehow (im sure ive been having all tetras though....) and I always seem to mess things up so if it doesnt work it doesnt matter haha.
you guys are making me so hungry with ur lush ideas... so i,ve planned hot choc for lunch and choc ice cream for my dinner... chocoholic lol
I like really thick hot chocolate, so I had about 3/4 of a mug full of hot water with 2x sweeteners and a spoon of coffee and my choc shake pack mixed together. It's hard to get the lumps out though!
Just had my frozen tetra! Was only half frozen but I was hungry haha. It was soooooo nice I would reccommend it to anyone. Gonna put another one in for tonight after x factor and hopefully it will be frozen :)
Ok I shouldnt be saying this in a diet forum but...

if you pour the tetra in the blender, add a bit of the mix-a-mousse and blend the hell out of it and put in the freezer for a bit...

... it comes out as the best dessert you can ever have while doing SS :)

PS: You really need to make it right, it takes practice and yeah I had to eat/drink whatever concoction it created because I did not want to go to waste :p

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