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WARNING!: A Fat Melting Workout NOT For The Faint Hearted...

Okay, I think its time for me to reveal one of my best and most successful secrets for burning fat away.

This is an advanced method of fat loss training that will push you probably further than anything you've tried in the past, but from the results I've seen with my clients, its worth it. I've yet to see any form of high intensity exercise that is as effective as this.

Here are some other benefits of what I'm about to show you:

You only need ONE piece of equipment. Options include:
  • A barbell (My favourite)
  • A Dumbbell / two dumbells
  • A KettleBells / two kettlebells
  • A weight plate
  • Hell, even a broomstick will work if you haven't tried anything like this before!
  • You can even try using one of those rubber bands, although some exercises will be difficult to replicate.
This type of exercise is known as the Complex. Simply put, it is a series of exercises (a circuit in other words) performed using only one piece of equipment at a certain weight, and done in one spot. One set will only take you up to 90 seconds.

So you don't need much space, equipment, time, or excuses to have a go!

Now, I'll let it be known that in no way did I invent this type of training. Its been around for years, with different names and forms. I use them primarily as a way to condition martial arts athletes and cage fighters, but also with my more advanced clients looking to burn fat QUICKLY.

So, assuming you use a barbell for the first example (and a light barbell at that, nothing more than 20kg for men, and maybe 15kg maximum for women) perform the following exercises:

1. Bent-Over Row
Bent-over Barbell Rows Exercise | Back Workout Exercises

2. Hang Clean
Power Clean (Hang Clean) Exercise | Thigh Workout Exercises

3. Front Squat into a Push Press (one squat and a press = 1 rep)
Front Squats Exercise | Quadricep Workout Exercises

Push Press Exercise | Shoulders Workout Exercises

4. Back Squat (Put the bar onto your back after the last Push Press rep)

5. Good Morning
Good Mornings Exercise | Erector Spinae Workout Exercises

Perform 8 repetitions of each exercise before moving onto the next one.

So you would perform 8 Bent over rows, then 8 Hang Cleans, then 8 Squat and Press etc.

Rest no more than 90 seconds and repeat for a total of 4 sets.

To know if you have the correct weight on the bar is simple....

If you get through 2 sets and think "Bloody hell thats enough for today!" then you are on the right track! Push through it and get two more sets in and thats it!

It shouldn't take you longer than 10 minutes and I guarantee you'll burn more fat in that time than any cardio machine can.

Here is another Complex. This one is again slightly harder. The exercises are listed on MyFit.com, at this page:Weight Lifting Exercises - Workout Exercises

1. Deadlift
2. High Pull
3. Snatch
4. Reverse Lunge (with barbell on your back)
5. Push Press

So, you would use this isntead of your normal cardio or circuit. Try it twice a week at first, building up to 3-4 times as you go on.

Alternate each workout. so you may do the first complex on a Tuesday. Then do the second on the Thursday, then back to the first on the weekend.

Just to warn you, you WILL have a sore bum and hips the next day! I haven't given these to one client who hasn't said they didn't ache the next day. This is how brutal, yet how rewarding these Complexes are.

So if you want to shed fat in very little time, give them a go. But, don't expect it to be easy!
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S: 23st4lb C: 10st7lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 12st11lb(54.91%)
thanks justin:)

i been going gym everyday since feb an im feeling pretty fit to be fair ...
S: 19st1lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 0st9lb(3.37%)
thank sjustin will give it a go :)
S: 16st13lb C: 14st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.77%)
Thanks Justin, Exactly what I'm looking for.... Just a quick ? can't see on the video on the Hang Clean... what way are the arms.... is it like a bicep curl or a row?
For the hang clean,

  • Hold the bar in front of your thighs, with your hips slightly bent forward but your back still straight.
  • Pull the bar up keeping it very close to your body (watch not to bump yourself in the chin!)
  • Raise your arms by leading your elbows upwards. Imagine your trying to elbow someone whos got their head leaning on your shoulder from behind (I use wierd metaphors I know)
  • When the bar is high enough, you need to switch the grip position from overhand so your palm is now under the bar and the bar lands softly on your chest.
This is quite a complex exercise, because it uses your entire body for power. Id strongly urge you to look at some images on google and find a video on youtube, there should be hundreds. Please do this before having a go at this exercise if you are unsure.
S: 16st13lb C: 14st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.77%)
Ok it is the one I thought.... Have done this a while ago in a body pump class.....Thanks Justin
Sure, just make sure you don't start putting too much stress on your body though.

I'd typcially recommend two bodyweight-circuit type days of exercise (or heavier weights in the 8-12 rep range) and two days with Complexes. That should be plenty of resistance exercise.
S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
hi justin, i noticed u recommended using light weights for this, a maximum weight of 20kg for men and 15kg for women. i could only manage 5kg last night! does this mean i am really weak? i am a female, 20 years old and petite, but i thought i would have been able to lift more than that! many thanks.
Dont worry guys, like i said, 15kg would be the MAXIMUM for most people.

The weight will always be decided by the weakest exercise in the group. I find that most if not all women are a lot stronger on hip and leg movements such as squats, but cant handle much weight in overhead pressing.

Therefore if you find a weight you can just about lift 8 times in a shoulder press, you should be able to use that weight for the whole complex.

Also remember, these are meant to be extremely tough! They SHOULD make you want to give up!

Keep at it guys, sounds like your doing great and pushing yourselves
S: 8st8lb C: 8st6lb G: 7st4lb BMI: 23 Loss: 0st2lb(1.67%)
thanks for the reply justin, think i may challenge myself to more weight next time, and see how i get on.

lgylsen - its good to know im not the only one! lol!

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