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Warning- a rather delicate matter

Can I ask if anyone has any experience of colonics? :eek: I am wondering about having one at the end of LL to clear out any remaining 'rubbish' from my system. Or would it be better to have one early on rather than waiting?

Sorry to ask such a personal question, but I have this opportunity to book one but it is a total unknown to me and I would love some advice.

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i have never had one but do want one, cant seem to find any one near me that deos them and want to knowhow much they cost, sorry i cant help there x


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I had one a couple of years ago. Although quite fascinating in a gruesome kind of way I found it very uncomfortable and ended up not being able to complete it.

Didn't really make me feel any different after. Knowing me though I'd probably give it another go!
I've had a couple and finished one (fely healthy, euphoric and generally great after - slightly high & slept like a baby). The second one was a "we can fit you in due to a calncellation" so was quite rushed and I was tired. Unlike the first this one was uncomfortable and I only managed 1/2 hr. If you've ever had IBS it can feel like a long attack of IBS and can be uncomfortable. The actual "insertion" isnt embarassing and I have a lovely Indian doctor who does mine in Cardiff and is the sole of discretion - drapes a towel of you and peeks so you feel less embarassed IYKWIM! I would def recc them as you do feel cleaned when you have one - just donet do it if youre tired hormonal or not prepared emotionally because it is a tiring process.
Hope that helps - feel free to pm me if you have more intimate ? you would prefer to be asked off board! Let us know how you get on!
woohooo! i've just booked an appointment for my first one :eek: on 8 March! :crazy:

after reading up on it found a great (i hope) clinic in Ringwood, Hampshire.
I've just found a clinic around the corner from my LL group in Chester, that means I have to book one now!!

Had one last year and had a nice "empty" feeling afterwards!! Not at all uncomfortable.............

Day 17 on LL - at least one stone lighter and I feel brill!!
There is a clinic about 5 mins from where I work, but not the kind of thing you pop out to do over lunchtime really ;)

If I can find out prices I will share these, as I have heard that there can be a great variance in prices. The treatment I am planning to have in June costs £65, but that includes cellulite treatment too.

Thanks for all the replies!!
Hi all i looked at some prices yesterdaybut theycant fir me in till next week so ill book one for then, the nearest one to me is closed for a while coz the woman has gone on holiday but i have looked into going to harley street in london and they only cost £80 with consultation of how to eat healthy. i also checked out where Mike24 went and that cost of that was £70 so not to badto have your inside sucked out. good luck to all having them

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