Warning and confession!!


I feel that I need to confess to my recent habbit on this LL diet. I am not proud and feel like I have Let my self down.
Last Tuesday I was meant to see my counsellor at about 10am but she couldn't make it. By then I had no foodpacks left. We re arranged to meet up later that afternoon. During the day I did not feel any hunger at all. we met and I got my packs. I weighed 13stone 4lbs. I then decided,stupidly, that I would try and survive on two packs a day to increase my weight loss. I have continued this up till yoday.
On Sunday I had my first meeting and weigh in number three I had lost 4lbs. I contiued with my regime and this morning weighed myself and weigh 12 stone 8lbs BUT I feel really awful. I have no energy and feel tired constantly and have lost the feeling of energy. I feel like giving up and feel so dissapointed with myself. Why did I feel the need to break the rules!! I have decided that I am going to have all packs from now on as its not worth feeling like this. Although I have lost weight I do not feel happy.
I just want this to be a warning to anyone who misses a few or thinks and is doing what I was doing. DONT DO IT!! IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!
Absolutely!! and great advice

You will actually lose less weight from experience on 2 packs a day as your body will shut down as it isn't getting the correct nutrition.

Always get done the lovely packs!!!

Hey hun!

I think its commendable that you have made that confession and that you have made the decision to have all 4 packs! Im on LL too and when I started for the 1st time back in Feb I felt so energetic and NOT hungry that I managed on 2 or 3 packs, not consciously but because I wasn't hungry. I told my LLC who soon put me right and from then on I have the 4 packs. Some days Ive been known to have 5 (better than scoffing choc?), sometimes if i feel emotionally hungry I try to resist but have an extra bar or a lushy fluffy choc shake! Any way of coping i guess!

Youre doing really really well and huge pat on the back for making your confession. If anything lets hope LL makes us find inner strength!

Awww hun...don't worry!! is best to stick to the plan for your health n all...you need the ittie bittie calories that are in the packs.... I missed a half pack last night cause I turned it into pond sludge with husk things....and I am paying for it now!! soooooo knackered!!

You've not let yourself down...you tried something, it didn't work, you've decided to sort it. Well done. I hope you feel better soon...remember, all you did was miss out eating stuff you should have...you didn't murder anyone! :D Go be nice to yourself and really chill out about it all.
its just so tempting to try and make the weight loss quicker isn't it. I have to be careful as I often don't want the 4 packs. But for me not having the 4 packs is as bad as eating food, happily in child mode. Hope you get your energy back soon and feel better.

Yes - I too have done this, though it ended up slowing my weightloss down!
I'm on 4 packs a day, IF I only manage 3 some days I don't worry as I use it to have 5 on a Sat & Sun so don't fall off the wagon!
Well done for fessing up - at least you'll feel better in a few days with the extra nutrition xxx
Always remember that one of the critical reasons for having all your packs is the protein as this protects your lean muscle mass which is key to keeping the weight off and also your general health.

You don't want to lose weight by losing muscle and so really really try and get down all your packs.

Stardreamer.. you haven't let yourself down.. we all succomb to the irrational voices in our heads. It's certainly crossed my mind to cut down on foodpacks to try and speed it up and probably many other's too! I haven't because things seem to be going really well atm and I'm terrified of buggering it up.

Also I know that it's part of my screwed up head telling me silly things that are bad for me! I reckon its the same voice that tells me - "go on have just one slice of bread .. etc"

I went on a course a few years ago to deal with emotional issues around eating and body image. My voice says horrific things to me like "you're useless and fat", "go on just eat it you're fat and ugly anyway"... etc etc... I learned that the best thing to do is NOT to reason with it, certainly NOT to listen to it... in fact using whatever language you choose just tell it to $&%£ off!! :D It makes me feel quite powerful when I do that!

Anyway, I have to thank you for your honesty and being brave enough to post that as it serves as a reminder to me (and I'm sure others) about not listening to the voices and not messing with our foodpacks!

Hope you feel better soon! :)
It was very brave of you to fess up ... hope it helped clear your conscience so you can move on without that hanging over you. God knows we don't need any extra demons lurking in our closets! :)

You've had loads of good advice already so good luck with your continuing journey - look forward to hearing about your progress.
Thak you for replying. I have had three packs so far today and I feel soooooooooo much better!! I even got around to cleaning my dirty windows as the sun shining made them look really really bad. I cant beleive how much better I feel.
well done stardreamer.. and good on you for sharing your thoughts with us all.. we are all learning and your experience is valid and will help others also on this journey.. so strokes for you and warm hugs...alex6

I did similair to you for a while to speed up my weight loss and it had the opposite effect - I lost less weight!
As you have found out you need the nutrients to burn the fat and to leave the muscle alone!
Same when I went into maintenance - I hardly ate anything and lost nothing but as I increased the right foods I lost more weight than sole sourcing towards the end!
Keep at it - you are doing brilliantly!