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Warning: Long Rant


Starting Again!
I apologise in advance for this.

Well well well, all the enthusiasm, all the motiviation, all the willpower...then it was my birthday...for a whole week. I really haven't stopped eating junk for a whole 7 days.

My main problem was my birthday I got two birthday cakes and as much as I tried I couldn't eat them all in one day! Plus I got sweets and other naughtyness for my birthday so thought I'd try and eat as much as possible as not to effect the rest of the week but just couldn't! So it was Friday by the time I'd nibbled away all the birthday junk. Then it's been getting harder and harder to think up new recipes and have the time to cook them. But I will NOT give up, this is just a minor blip that is all.

My other problem is visualising progress, whilst I've lost 1st 4lb it's just a drop in ocean. I'm like 1st off where exactly? This bit off my bingo wing? Or my love handles are now love grips? Oh no I got it instead of having 8 chins I now only have 7! I think it will take 3/4 stone before I start noticing any difference.

On the plus side I did go to the gym yesterday and I want to go again in the week and go swimming.

I feel like I need just a cuddle. I really really need all the help and support I can get.

I am a woman with a plan though! On Tuesday (I have too much going on today) I am going to spend all day cooking, I shall then make room in the freezer and shove all my "ready" meals in there. Sorted.

I do feel slightly like my head is going to explode, but I'm trying to channel that energy into motivation; so much so it feels like I could move the house.

OK rant over, God/Allah/Bhudda etc. bless you if you read all that!

Natt xxx
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Bring it on!
You can deffo get back on the wagon. You've done really well and you're on top of the game. One little blip of a week isn't the end...it gives you a chance to go full pelt in to the next week and remove anything you may, or may not, have put on. Everyone's here to help :)


Starting over
ah bless! you're always on here supporting everyone else so it's your turn now:) It's just a blip, try not to think about the amount you want to lose, just focus on each half stone, before you know it the dress sizes will be getting smaller and you'll notice the changes.
keep going:)
Hey Natt

Well done for recognising your danger areas and having a plan!

Just wanted to add 2 points which may be of help

1.- Do people know you are trying to lose weight? Is the buying of cakes and sweets a form of 'nice' sabotage on behalf of your friends/parents in trying to keep you the way you are because they like you this way? Just food for thought (no pun intended!)

2.- I really get what you mean about the gradual weight loss not seeming to make a difference when you have a lot to lose. I am a real slow loser (average 1lb per week) and started with over 100lb to lose- this can feel disheartening BUT I always consoled myself with the fact that even if it takes 2-3 years, I would have to live those 2-3 years anyway. Imagine if I had give up after a few weeks- I wouldn't be 63 weeks more determined and 67lb lighter. No individual 1lb makes a massive difference, but every now you notice something big (going down 1 size, a nice comment, seeing an old picture, etc) and it means the world.

Belated 'Happy Birthday' too, mate.


Slow but sure....
You have the focus and the motivation to continue Natt, this is just one minor blip, and everyone enjoy's a birthday that's what we have them for.

So just forget that blip and start again you can do it, you have helped me and others so much now we can help you with lot's of encouragement.

Well done Natt, and good luck with your weight loss for next week. X
You've hit the nail on the head - its a minor blip, you only have 1 birthday a year and I do actually believe you should enjoy it. You're back in planning mode already with planning gym/swim sessions and a cooking for the freezer day - thats really positive steps, its been a few days out of a long term plan, don't beat yourself up, you're doing great.


Silver Member
I could have written your post after every birthday I have - my birthdays last days to a week - Xmas for me starts about the 20th December - LOL
I too have a lot to lose and also feel disheartened at times but like others have said - the alternative is to sit here years later - bigger than today and more distressed than today.
I now just celebrate ANY loss, my weight losses have slowed down and what with my Diabetes diagnosis some days I feel very sorry for myself and want to comfort eat, I just set myself the goal of reaching that nights bed time ON PLAN!
It was your birthday (belated birthday congrats!), my parents buy me naughty foods etc every birthday/xmas - don't stop enjoying your birthday - there's enough other days to diet in the year - enjoy whatever way you like to - your special day.
Whats done is done - you cannot reverse anything - just try to get back on plan now - your plan to freeze loadsa meals etc is a great and focused one, you may gain this week - SO WHAT - we KNOW you'll relose that AND MORE in no time - we're all behind you!
You can do this - we all can!............and we will!!!
Don't look at the big picture for how much you want to lose long term - just focus on one day at a time then congratulate yourself with every lb !
Take care

I echo everything the others have said, it's just a blip that you MUST put behind you and move on. Your posts have been so helpful to me, now it's our turn to support you - you can do this! Very best of luck this week, your plans look great, do let us know how you get on.

Remember, we ALL do this from time to time - you're not the first and you certainly won't be the last, we're all rooting for you.


is getting better at it
hi natt,

heres your hug :grouphugg:
hope you had a good birthday, i know what you mean about trying to get rid of it all in one day i do that as well.
as you say it is only a blip and you have the motivation and the will power to suceed all the way on this good luck to you, if you wouldnt mind sharing what you are making to go in the freezer as i am doing the same on thursday and am abit stuck
all the best


Gold Member
it's brilliant that you're back with a plan of action :) i had wondered where you were actually!

you've definitely 100000% made the right decision in getting back on the wagon and coming back here :) i've had SO many times where i've been on SW or some other diet, and have fallen off the wagon for a few days and thought "oh i've blown it now, i may aswell just keep eating" :(

whereas even if i'd put on EVERYTHING i'd lost previously with that one blowout, then as long as i'd carried on with the diet and got back on track i would have lost it soon enough and would have been at target YEARS ago :)

so my advice to you is that no matter how many blow-outs you have, or how many times you think you've 'failed' on SW, just keep on getting back on that wagon and think of the long term. one week of eating what you like is NOT going to affect your long-term weight! you might have put on a little bit right now, but that'll be gone soon enough with loads more afterwards! :)

good luck natt - you can do this! you're back in the right mind frame now - you can't fail!!! :D xxxx


Loves Norman Reedus
Glad you had a great birthday. could have shared the cake here ha ha ha.

So you fell off the wagon, had a couple of bounces and now you are back on it.

good luck
and happy belated birthday.
hi nat

im one to talk about blips (i have them monthly) so i wont

ill just send u hugs n hugs and let u know we r here if u want to rant,coz we all need a rant from time to time xx


Starting Again!
I just have to say thank you all so so much for the support, it brings a tear to eye (do you think that counts as burning calories?!) I realise that it's done now and I'm back on track, just needed to get it get it out my system with a bit of a rant and you're all so lovely about it :D

Now for the amazing news, I had WI this morning and I said to myself as long as it's less than a 4lb gain I'll be happy...well it was less...a 4lb loss!! How that happened I don't know, but I'm very aware of the fact that I may gain next week as an aftershock effect, but until then...

Thank you all so much! :grouphugg:


Gold Member
come on then natt, where's that 1.5st sticker?! :D

well done on the 4lb loss - be extra careful this week and hopefully next week's weigh in will be equally as good :D xxxx
((hugs)) and well done you on the WI thats fantastic.
I know you had said you didn't feel you had lost much but looking at your stats you have lost over 5.5% so thats great. You can keep going, I know you can:D


A moaning old boot!!!!
:hug99:Here you go, a bit late but here is a hug for you. Whats this..................may goodness, you have lost weight havnt you, I can really feel it when I hug you!!!! :) :) :) :)

WELL DONE on your brilliant weight loss this week. You are doing FANTASTICALLY!!!

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