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Warning!! Refeeding/binging after exante


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Just wanted to write a note to tell everyone to be super careful if you stop exante and go back to eating 'fulltime' again. I was fine initially, and because i'm having a tough time emotionally, i didn't stick to my plan (atkins style eating) and went totally off the rails, ate nearly a whole large pizza, and lots of other junk.

Well, i can't tell you how sick i feel. Not just sore belly sick from overeating, i feel like i'm dying. My stomach is churning and it really really hurts, i'm sweaty and hot and just feel really really bad. I couldn't get out of bed for hours and hours other than to run to the bathroom.

I have been overeating on other food too, but what made me ill was the pizza. My *theory* is that eating proteins is OK, even in some quantity, and veggies are OK, a little 'pure' (eg wholegrain) carbs are OK, but heavily processed carbs are NOT OK, especially in large quantities and accompanied by lots of fat. And most definitely don't eat a large dominos pizza right after coming off exante. I don't think my body knew what to do with it.

Well, i wrote this post in 2 parts as i felt so ill but it's 10.30am now and i finally feel a little better. I haven't been able to take fluids or anything i feel that ill, working on getting some water into me now as i feel really yuck and dehydrated.

I feel like my need to come off the diet has been cured temporarily. I want to come back on Exante right away! (maybe tomorrow, i'm working on just hydration today, honestly don't think i can stomach anything whether that is food or shakes today... ). Right now i can't understand what on earth prompted me to want to eat food, especially pizza and other junk as even thinking about it is making me want to throw up again.

Anyway, i'm sure no one is as silly as me, but i wanted to put this up as a warning incase anyone feels like having a major binge - please don't, especially if you have been doing exante for some time - your body will rebel and it is not fun.
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Sorry you're feeling so ill, hope you feel better soon. At least, as you say, it's giving you more motivation to stick to your diet!
If you don't feel better in a few hours (after carbs should have been digested) maybe worth calling NHS direct, incase its food poisoning/ illness? Just thinking its easy to blame everything on the diet when sometimes other things hit us too!


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Hope you're feeling better soon, LI. Sip your fluids slowly, and try to get rehydrated.

Certainly contact your out of hours GP service if you don't feel better/have less pain soon.

Take care



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Hope u feel better soon. I haven't started my packs yet, due to 2 mo but this is how I have been feeling lately wen eating, as I am unable to control my portions, it is really motivating me to start Exante as I have actually had enough of gorging on food.


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Hun it will subsided, i know what you are going through. When i was on CD years ago with 3 stone lost i went on an AI holiday, and was stupid with what i ate! Came the last night i couldnt breath properly i was so bloated, but like you could not wait to get back on the wagon! Take care x x


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S: 19st2lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 4st12lb(25.37%)
Thanks everyone. I am much better now... totally back to normal infact by around 3pm this afternoon. Definitely not doing that again! I have broken the diet pretty badly many times before but not been on such a carb/fat fest with it. I should know better, i have been sick before from eating too much pizza.

Ended up having a shake this afternoon and a couple of slices of ham and feel great. Kinda messed up/confused about what i should be doing now, i'm all over the place as i was going to try and do atkins to have a week off exante (i know, pizza doesn't feature in Atkins anywhere!). Figured that i'll try doing Exante WS but eat the food in the morning for breakfast (scrambled egg and a low carb sausage or something?), which allows me to add a little food into my day without having it at the end of the day which is where i slip up the most and lose all self control. Anyway, worth a go and we'll see i guess. I really need to knuckle down and just get on with it arghhh!
Your stomach was churning due to having to digest such a large volume of food (all of it, not just the pizza) for the first time in a while. Your temperature increased and you started perspiring because your metabolism increased due to the huge influx of calories after living on so few calories for a while. People who follow programs such as Body For Life experience very similar symptoms if they're very strict during the week and then go nuts on their free day.


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i feel exactly the same i just had a week off went camping!:jelous:couldt,nt cook much because of the weather so ate out most nights i was feeling horrible i honestly was glad to get back and start back on exante:)

Miss Bean

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So glad you're feeling better - I did this when I first came off LT a couple of years ago - decided that Nando's chicken with their little pot of rice wouldn't do any harm - I thought my stomach was going to explode!!! Felt so bad...

I think they need to really make up some kind of sheet or something to tell you what you can and can't eat over the initial time you come off - I know on LT it's like a refeeding schedule thing which the chemist alters to see how the weight is coming off or STS. Maybe they could make one or we could put one together ourselves :)

Hope everyone's getting on ok xx

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