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warning slimming world butchers

i dont no if anybody is aware but we were warned in class last night to be very carefull when purchasing goods from sw butchers as there adding stuff to make things taste better (make u buy more) also joes sausages sw give them a certificate for one or two items and they have 20 on the menu :confused: anyway from next year sw are revoking the certificates :cry:so be carefull ask to see which items are on certificate x
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To be fair that is an over generalisation - some butchers may have done that but how can they possibly infer they are all doing it.

And if SW have issues with how Joe's Sausages or any other butcher is conducting itself then that is something they should take up with the company and withdraw the certificate if that fails to get resolution. They charge the butcher's a fortune to register products but the system has never been particularly well organised.

Making statements such as this to a group is verging on the slanderous imho.
and i dont think there saying all butchers are doing obv the people who have done it have spoilt it for the rest of the ones who do go by the book i suppose thats why they are stopping them all together which is sad as people obv use them :(
What evidence does your consultant base this on? Is it just hearsay or has s/he seen any evidence that it is the case? Exactly what is it that they're "adding"? Sugars, fats? Or just flavourings or something? Saying that butchers are "adding stuff to make things taste better" is a massive, generalised and potentially libellous statement and Id like a bit of evidence that it is the case!

Edit: and from what I've heard Joe's certificates expire in the next month or so and are not being renewed. I dont know if this is because Joe's isn't willing to fork out again or because SW aren't doing the certificates any more. SW are not "revoking" their certificate "next year" as you state - they expire soon and are not being renewed.
Well I'd ask him/her for a lot more info and some supporting evidence next time you WI! :confused: Either some of the information hasn't made it as far as this board or you've got a pretty dodgy consultant... :confused:


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Supporting evidence ??? Like what ?? Surely if sw have decided not to endorse any syn free sausages from selected butchers and consultants are informing their members is this not evidence enough ?
lolol @ dodgy consultant i think if anything shes a brilliant consultant if shes relaying this info and many other havent got round it x
Dear Joe’s Customer,

We just wanted to update you on a few changes happening at Joe’s. For those of you who follow Slimming World™, you may be aware that Slimming World™ will no longer be certifying any butchers products. According to Slimming World™, some butchers ‘abused the scheme’ and have been ‘falsely claiming products have been analysed as Free Food’. This has not been the case with Joe’s as we have always followed the ‘rules’.

We would like to assure you that we have NOT changed the recipes and our products remain Syn Free.

To check the Syn Value of our products simply go to the Slimming World Website and click on the On-line calculator. And follow these 3 easy steps:


We have a butchers in our market who is broadcasting himself as a sw butcher with the sign above his market stall.

But he has not got the verification from sw to do this.

So I understand why they are withdrawing the scheme.

Although its not fair on the legitimate ones I don't see how they can enforce the scheme without spot checks and that probably would be quite expensive.


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Not disputing that they are withdrawing the scheme as we knew that a few weeks ago on this board - just the way it has been presented in class

Some of the responsibility has to rest with SW because they have never organised or promoted it properly. They charge a load of money for it but where was the list of official suppliers? Why did people on here need to put together their own list? And yes spot checks should have been done - we are not talking about a chain of supermarkets here so I think it would have been perfectly feasible to do it on a rolling basis esp considering how much money they take off the butchers

If you buy from someone who cannot show a certificate then that is rather foolish - i always tell people to ask to see it otherwise do not buy

Anyway, dont know why i'm getting involved in this discussion - I'm vegetarian :D

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