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Hi Folks,

Just thought I would let you know about my shocking discovery tonight! :fyi:

Hubby has returned from shops with a new variety of Tabasco Sauce (Habanero, Very Hot) and with glee was about to prepare my crisps for the evening to go with the dip.

How shocked was I to discover that the contents in this new variety has all sorts in it including sugar & fruit!!!!!! :cry:

I'm gutted as my LLC said the other varieties would probably be all alright, and I've told anybody who wanted to listen that they are ok :eek: :eek:

Does anybody know if I am worried for no reason?

Until I hear otherwise will put new sauce to back of cupboard and maybe check out the garlic variety to see if this is the same

This is how sad my life has become :crazy:
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Somewhere in the LL literature I've read - I can't remember where exactly, it does mention that it should be the classic red Tabasco - the Habanero and Tabasco Green have always been off limits. Sorry - eek:eek:! My LLC also mentioned this in week 1.
Oh God NO! I have been merrily chucking this Hotter habanero tabasco in everything except the milk shakes for the last 4 days and I am only on day 4!!!!!!!
I have been using the Marigold too and I dont think thats on the list either!
I feel like I've cheated every single day now and I thought I was doing so well :cry: . I hope that I Havnt doen too much damage , I mean you have to put this in proportion dont you even with a splash of something we shouldnt have we are still like eating 550 calories a day right? So surely we MUST lose weight??????????
Its my first week and I so want it to be a success. Going to ditch everything but Pepper and the packsfrom now on.
X Carole


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Oh God NO! Going to ditch everything but Pepper and the packsfrom now on.
X Carole
You can definitely have the classic tabasco with no worries - in fact I'm not sure what I would have done without it whilst I got used to the chemical taste of the soup (I hadn't had packet or tinned soup for 20 years before starting this!)

Marigold (low salt version) certainly has lots of people who have used it all the way through with no adverse effect - daren't even mention it to my LLC as she gets quite strict about bending the rules!

I play it safe and stick to the LL savoury drinks mainly because they're so expensive for what they are that I ration them to one a day on average. If I had a tub to dip into I might be tempted t stray from that...!


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"I hope that I Havnt doen too much damage "

Don't worry Heaven Can Wait, you will only do damage if you allow yourself to dwell on it and give yourself a hard time! It's all part of the journey. Consider it a learning experience and draw a line under it and focus on your new brighter future!
With regret I will continue with the basic red Tabasco



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I don't think any of the tabascos are allowed on Cambridge any more. Is it still allowed on LL?

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