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(Was) A little bit glum :-( (not so glum anymore!!!!)


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Just got back from weigh in, and I've put on half a pound :-( I'm absolutely gutted!
Stuck to plan 100% - even went back to basics and measured out my milk (so cut down!)
If anyones got a min please look at my food diary and tell me if you see anything that I've done wrong - my food diary is 100% everything that passes my lips!
Oh and it's not * week!

I just don't understand it! I lost 6.5 stone with slimming world a few years ago so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing.... Arrrgh!

Currently sat resisting the urge to have a blow out - haha!
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Slow but sure....
Please don't have a 'blow out' - it will get you no where except maybe a bigger gain next week......

A ½lb is just a little blip, you could be carrying a little extra water today, or maybe you are a little 'bunged up' - either way you will soon lose it again, and as you have been on plan all the week you will be rewarded with a loss next week, so don't spoil it by having a blow out now.....X


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dnt have the blow out!!! just stick at it, if you lost 6.5 stone before then im sure you will know deep down that a little gain of 0.5lb means nothing, absolutely nothing, i would bet that you will lose next week with ease. Just keep going!!


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Thankyou for your comments! I'm over it now :) Decided it's obviously just some kind of error- onwards and downwards.... Going to show them scales what I'm made of!


I will succeed!!!
Good attitude there honey - show them scales what you're made off!!! Keep it up - 'weird' weeks happen. xoxox
well done you!
hey darlin, i totally get u..

i thought going back to basics an doing red and green would do me good.. and i ended up gaining 2lbs! i was devestated!!! but dont dispare.. brush it off.. half a pound is absoloutly nothing and it'l come back off next week no doubt!! your doing fine and obviously somthing just wasnt there or working for u this week.. egt yourself back on track and dont guilt trip yourself..

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Worrying about it wont help xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Glad you didnt have the blow out. The week before last i put on 1/2lb (it was the 2nd time in my journey) I was devestated as I always stick to plan. I was dreading last weeks weigh in and guess what, I lost 4lb. To be honest I think it is just part of the journey and as has been said you lost 6.5st before so you know the plan works. The thing is when I happens to you, you turn into the grump monster, loL, but when its someone else you start giving out all this great advice. Its a shame we cant take our own advice, lol.

You've stuck to the plan so keep going and i'm sure you will lose the 1/2lb and more next week :) Let us know how you get on!
I think a lot of people who come at it for the second (or third or fourth) time are often disappointed with their initial results.

I really do think it's much harder starting again. Your body isn't getting the big surprise in change of eating that it had when you first started. It's a bit like it's saying...

"woah, I know what you're doing, you're eating less calories, fat and sugar. Right, I'll show you, I'm going to cling to the fat I've got like a stubborn sod!"

It's proven to be harder for yo-yo dieters to shift it. So just be prepared that it's not going to fall off and it will be hard work. You've done amazingly well losing 6.5 stone in the past! So you know all the tricks. Just stick at it and it will happen - more slowly, but it will happen.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
1/2 a pound?? 8oz... that's barely anything to gain!! 8oz, weigh it out in a glass with water... that's all it is! Could have been extra clothing, retained water (it's just my luck I need to pee as soon as I've done WI! lol. Any number of things, and sometimes you'll find your body rebels against the new diet for a few days/a week. You'll be back on track and losing in no time. Well done you for not having that blow out, you're obviously very committed xx


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Thank you all for the very nice and really supportive comments - it's really appreciated! :) I now feel a bit silly for my little moan last night! Hehe!

Still no blow out - and there deffo won't be one! :) I am going to make slimming world friendly pizza for tea though (made with a WW tortilla wrap - 5 syns). Might aswell treat myself to something extra tasty and feel like i'm being naughty!

Thanks again!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
That's the best way to do it. I treated myself to a night off SW, what a mistake! I felt so ill the next day, like I imagine a stuffed xmas turkey would!! lol (though not in the same way, that's just wrong haha!) I had a proper blow-out and regretted it. Meh. xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Just had a look at your food diary Huney! To be honest so early in your weightloss campaign I would say that you're not eating enough! It's all legal! But your breakfasts are a little light in protein. I would up the protein element. Get a 2 egg omelette or bacon and egg breakfast in there (with beans!) I think you are cutting too far back and your body is holding on to what it's got! Remember at this stage , the more free food you eat the more you lose!


Mission:Lose fat-Get fit!
Just wanted to say thankyou all for your brilliant advice - lost 2lbs this week :) And deffo lost more inches :)
Really motivated to tackle it more this week - got some roof tiles from class last night so going to try having scan bran cake as my evening treat (its not so bad actually!), and also got the extra easy cookbook at class so more inspiration there :) (I am however away visiting friends this weekend so going to be a bit naughty - but nothing I can't flexi-syn and/or cut back on for the rest of the week, and I think I'll stick with vodka & diet coke or wine instead of my usual pints of lager/cider/guinness)

Thanks again :)
Hey there
See you showed those scales!!
Well done for sticking at it...I think in the past this has been my problem; not sticking to it when I had a gain...which is why I need to lose 3 stone+ now! It's posts like yours that really help me stay on plan...Thanks :) Oh and have a great weekend x
Hey KatyKaty that's brilliant news!! Good lass.

I'm so pleased that you didn't give in last week - you should be really proud of your strength.

I'd recommend saving the page with your original comments in your favourites to look back on when you ever feel disappointed again, it might help.

Well done again!!

p.s. good idea (from last week) about WW wrap for pizza - Iv got some languishing about in the freezer, think I might copy you!

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