Was i mad??

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    I unoffically started back on LT on Tuesday using my old shakes, going in on Sunday to start offiacally via the chemist - and have been going strong, but on New Years Eve I fell on ice and whacked my head so hard I starte getting sick-water :)- and suddenly got really tired so my bf brought me back to his and I had no shakes with me and didn't wake up untll yesterday evening at 7pm but had NO energy - this is DEFO not LT related,musta been the bang, so i didn't go home to get my shakes instead i...... had a bowl of beans, i feel like i needed something in me to boost my energy i didn't even enjoy them and it wasn't just an excuse,

    eeek, am i mad? I feel fine now and back on track! :/
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    no not mad! sometimes you do need something! When I did LT before I was really poorly and on anti biotics (not lt related of course!) after 3 days was no better so decided to eat, that really helped as I needed to build my strength!
    Main thing is ur back on it now- well done and hope the headache has gone!!! x

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