Was so tempted ;oO


Still fighting
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I went down the shops earlier to get the rest of my gang some nice spuds for jacket potatoes for their tea and did well....walked past all temptations such as cakes, pizza's etc etc then whilst at the till (thought i was well safe) they had 6 packs of fresh hot cross buns still warm in the pack .....my gawwddd i could of dived straight in :eek: :eek:

Still i kept singing a little tune in my head and hurried on out! Am safe at home now ......just the smell and the thought of eating them was soo tempting....wierd becuase i spent all wk cooking yummy meals for the rest of the family and been ok more or less! :confused:

Guess you can all relate to times like this :p

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Just think of all that saturated fat and nasty carb you did NOT put in your body, and all those poor souls who did, probably just shortened their lives by a few minutes. :D

Anthony Smith

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Well Done, !!
You would of felt really bad after woods aswell, we all get temptations and yesterday was my temptation day, (as you know) but i got through it and so have you

:) x


Still fighting
S: 14st8.5lb C: 14st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.69%)
Thanks guys

guess we all have off moments/days and all have those certain trigger food that push the buttons in our heads - guess its understanding/learning how to cope with them :)

Am over it now just having a warm coffee shake :)


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Well done! I was like that walking past the rotisserie bit in the supermarket my first week. I could've dived over the top and eaten a bit of everything!


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Ooo well done trash hun!! Your doing so well <3 I have had looads of temptations also today, everyone in my work just eat eat eat lol all lovely cakes and sandwiches etc and i did ok and got through it untill i went on my lunch hour break and thought i was safe going to my nannas to get out the office, when i got there she had a huge big cream cake waiting for me (she forgot i was on the diet) of course i said no :D but wow was it hard i could have just swallowed it whole it looked that good lol. Gotta say tho dont you feel very proud when you dont hehe! <3 xxxx


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Well done Trash, my temptation today was walking past the Jacket potato stand...but i just smelt the lovely aroma and walked by, they probably thought i was a crazy lady xx