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Was this a stroke or not?


has started again!!
A parent in my class at school approached me today and asked "Wow! That is a amazing haircut, it really makes it look as if you have lost weight."

I really want to keep my job, so I didnt deck her there and then. I smiled and said "Actually I have lost a LOT of weight, its not just the hair." There once would have been a time when I would have just said "Thanks" whatever the comment instead of standing up for myself like that.

I guess I have travelled a long road, if not with foodie things but with myself!
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I can do this.
Think i would have kicked her up the...u know where, haha.



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Yeah, that was a stroke, was she a little on the ample side herself by any chance?
The same happened to me after I'd lost 3 stone and looked like a different woman - met my SIL who hadn't seen me since before I started and she said "oh you look well, have you had a new haircut?" how about no! I've lost three chuffing stones!

Some people!!!!

Glad you had the confidence to actually tell her though, good for you :)


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On the other hand, maybe she just knew something was different and couldn't put her finger on it.

Only the people who know I'm doing this have commented on me losing weight. Others have said the vacuous 'you look really well lately' and I have just taken it that they are seeing a difference and can't think exactly what it is. Perhaps also don't want to mention weight loss incase I am sensitive about it. And quite right too - it someone had made a reference to my weight before I would have hated it.

Yesterday I told a couple of girls I work with that I had lost more than 3 stone. They were amazed. One said she had noticed I had lost some but felt embarrassed she hadn't realised how much. I told her not to worry - when you see someone everyday it is hard to notice sometimes. I saw somebody the other day I haven't seen in months and she said 'wow - you have lost a lot of weight - what are you doing?'.

Anyway - my ramble is to say, perhaps she didn't mean it the way it sounded. Depends on the context.


has started again!!
As an update, today she approached my teacher and said how embarrased she was when she realised what she had said. My teacher actually told her I had lost more than 6 stone, and she replied that even her hubby had slapped his head with a "DOH" when she told him what she'd done!

Seems it was meant to be a stroke after all!!! i almost feel sorry for her now!!