washed mobile phone

Roz V

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Erm, I'm afraid I don't think it will!

My neighbour's mobile tipped out of his shirt pocket, straight down the loo. He's a retired church minister, and even divine intervention couldn't resurrect his!


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hot press for a week


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Irene I did the same
I blow dried it for a while then put it in the airing cupboard - tried it every day
gave up all hope on day four bought a cheap one and now 9 months later DH is still using the nice clean one that started working on day five :):)


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take it apart i.e battery sim card etc lay it in between a towel and leave for rest of day i have done this numerous times and always worked again .... unless its a touch screen then it prob wont


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Try useing the hair dryer take the battery out and sim card out and dry. Hopefully will work again but doesnt always work


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use the hairdryer on it and leave it near the heater, sometimes that works. xx


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I think you'll have best chance with airing cupboard. A guy knocked a pint over mine in a pub once and it went off for ages. Put it in airing cupboard and after AGES it worked again...think it had a hangover ;) x


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OH poured coffee over mine at the W/E. He took it to bits and put the pieces on the radiator to dry out. It's working fine now!