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  1. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Well hello!

    First things first, I am not actually on Lipotrim yet. I am off to the Pharmacy tomorrow, with the first day being Wednesday (as that is the only day I can commit to weekly weigh ins). I have decided to start this diary today because now I have made my decision, it is very important I keep in mind why I am doing this. I am also using today and tomorrow to reduce down my food intake to three meals a day (yes - I have been having about 10) just to prepare a little. I am also going to get straight onto the black tea and coffee (is green tea ok anyone?).

    I have only told my sister and o/h about what I am doing, as me and o/h live together it would be silly to try and hide it. He has told me he "Doesn't agree with it but will support me all of the way" and I can't say fairer than that. Making his evening meal will be a struggle as I can't even get all of the food fro the oven to the plate without picking! But I'm ready to do this properly. All weekend I was umming and aahing trying to convince myself that some healthy eating and exercise would suffice. But that is the attitude that has got me to where I am now, and of course if you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got...and I want something different.

    My loose plan from here is to complete 100% TFR for 12 weeks and then review things. My current weight will be given when I get to the pharmcy on Tues, however I am guessing it is around 19 stone so I can see LT being more long term than 12 weeks however it is a good starting point. I plan to have the first two weeks just settling into the plan then slowly bringing in some exercise.

    I am 28 years old and have no itention of reaching 29 and being in the 'obese' category. I want to be one of you that have already doen it - I want to be at the end of my journey but understand it needs a beginning first.

    So, this is the beginning of my diary, I hope I can use this to document my journey and keep me on track when I am doubting myself. I can do this. ​
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  3. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Welcome hun... I was 19 stone 8lb`s when I started and I`ve now lost 5 stone so it can be done. Don`t expect to be exercising in week 2 though.. you might not be up with enough energy levels at that point... but then again you might be everyone is different. Lipotrim recommends you take it easy for 1st couple weeks or so... you`ll be fine as long as you stick it out the 1st week and when your in ketosis you`ll feel much better (hunger wise) remember to drink loads and yes green tea is fine, just no fruit or flower teas.... hope you do well hun... the girls on here are fab! XXX
  4. Dusty67

    Dusty67 Just keep swimming!

    Welcome along!

    You'll find the first few days are really hard (just read all the diarys) but you can get through it!

    The hard work is worth it as you see the pounds come off. My way of thinking is that I find it really hard to stick to a plan (WW/SW I've done them all) so this is just anothe type of hard!

    Good luck
  5. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    wow what an amazing loss! I bet you feel great - I can't wait to be in your position! Thanks for the exercise advice - I don't want to push it so i'll just see how it goes :) xx
  6. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Thank you for your advice, and well done on your losses so far. I can't wait until I start seeing results - I hope my willpower can overcome this! xx
  7. chunkychops

    chunkychops Silver Member

    Good luck on your journey hun x Loads of lovely peeps on here for support/advice/kick up the butt lol...should you need it x

    hope your first week goes easy on you x
  8. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    So off to the pharmacy this morning as I don't start work until 11. Hope the sign up doesn't take too long - I've allowed an hour. I've watched the patient DVD and ready to go. Thinking of getting shakes for Brekkie and Lunch and a soup for dinner each day. Dreading facing up to my weight. I predict it to be 19 stone so we will see! It's all just numbers now.

    Everytime I think of how disruptive and difficult this will be I think of:

    Not being afraid to go places in case it involves lots of walking (I'm so unfit)

    Not picking clothes by the size but by the style

    Not being afraid of fat people jokes when watching tv with others

    Not worrying that I won't fit on a plane

    Not worrying about meeting OH's friends from back home when they come and visit

    Not being afraid of theme parks! I want to be scared of the ride-not that I won't fit in it!

    These are just a few things that I could do with not being concerned about. I am 28...I wasted 10 years in an unhappy relationship and it's time I started letting myself out. Anyone who can frown upon lipotrim as tool for this is beyond me.

    Will update when I'm weighed in and stocked up. I can do this.

    Good luck to everyone else today xx
  9. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Awww chick, bless you.... This time is all about you now and you can do it hunny... and all the little goals you talk about are sooo acheiveable. I know what its like to be in a relationship thats not working out and before long you feel youve wasted so much time. Well now its YOUR TIME go find yourself and be FREE of any of the old weights dragging you down... excuse the pun lol.... In no time at all you`ll be slim and gorgeous!!! (not that you arent now of course we are all Gorgeous!!) XXXX
  10. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    What a lovely post, it's nice to know people understand and have been in the same position and made it work. I just want to fast forward a few months! xx
  11. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    So, trip to the pharmacist finished - the girl there was lovely. She admitted she has tried LT for a month and she lost weight but it wasn't for her. They offer a weight management programme which is free so will aid with portion control and diet choices. This is something to look forward to post-refeed.

    So I really wanted to start today however I was straight from the pharmacy to work with no whisk / blender so am making light choices today ready for me vanilla and coffee warm drink for brekkie! Have strawberry for lunch each day and the soup for dinner. Yummmy hehe.

    I weighed in at 17.13 - not bad considering I left WW beginning of December at 17.7 and have eaten everything in sight since. My aim is 3 months - 3 stone and then back to WW. But we will see :)

    I am committed to doing this for 12 weeks minimum.

    One question - How do you make your lunchtime shakes? I have no kitchen equipment other than cutlery / crockery at work and dont want it to be too lumpy! Also I read on the instructions you need to consume within 15 mins so can't make ready in the morning. Has anyone tried the shakers?

    So, tomorrow is the big day. And i'm sooooooooooooo ready. If I can do this I can do anything :p
  12. siany71

    siany71 Full Member

    Hi honey

    I have a shaker (but not a Lipotrim one) I got mine in Asda, from their The Biggest Loser range. It works but I find if you want to make the soup or hot choc or hot vanilla (with coffee in - its really nice) you cant shake it. I do find its much better to use a hand blender as I find if there are lumps it makes me feel a little nauseous.
    I am on day 14 and have just been to weigh in and have now lost 1 stone in 2 weeks so it def works as I am one of those people who rarely loses much weight on normal diets as I dont eat much anyway! As you may see, its the social life & alcohol I am missing. But I have been skinny before and I know that as someone else once said (kate moss) 'nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels' and I think of that. Yes, losing weight is difficult... but so is being overweight. :sigh:

    I find taking it 1 day at a time is the best approach and when you feel temptation calling... get on this forum and you will get so much motivation & inspiration from others... and a few laughs along the way :D x x x xx x

    Good luck for your first week x x xx :)
  13. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Wow what a great loss! I definately am going to miss the social side - but I also know i'll make a lot more of going out when I am more confident.

    Thanks for the advice on the shaker - I might get one for my lunchtime shakes at work but plan on hot choc / coffe/vanilla and soup in the morning and evening so will use a hand blender thingy I have at home! xxxx
  14. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Day 1:

    Choc shake (warmed) for brekkie. First impressions are that it is a little difficult to stomach but I perservered with sips of water in between. Not too keen on the consistency, I may add a little more water later. Planning on strawberry shake for lunch and soup for tea.

    Made o/h's brekkie and lunch and not a stir of temptation. Feeling like I can do this ;):);) Bring on 100%
  15. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Hunger pangs. Grrrr.

    Second pint of water it is then!
  16. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Hi babes, well done so far :D try the choc shake cold with ice OR hot/cold choc mint (made with mint tea) I prefer them cold tbh, to me thay taste strange when hot, but thats just me. Also if you can try starting 1st shake as late as you can in the morning, cos then if your like me and an evening picker you`ve got your last shake/soup to enjoy in the evening watching corrie or whatever you like to view :)
    Drink drink drink to help keep those hunger pangs at bay as well. and remember that will get easier in a few days XXXX
  17. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Thanks so much. It is quite terrible to think that at 10.55am I have noticeable hunger and feel quite anxious about not reaching for something. This is really making me think already, food is definately a filler for everything in my life :mad: :eek: Great advice about a later 'breakfast' I will try that tomorrow. I work in an office 9-5 so it's trying to fit things in around that which is a pain. :rolleyes:

    I am so determined though and am imagining each hunger pang is my body ridding of fat! I know this is not accurate but it helps! I really hope Ketosis hits on saturday so next week is a little milder. xxxx
  18. siany71

    siany71 Full Member

    I do agree with lou above re timings. I have my first @ 9.30 after I get to work, 2nd @2pm and 3rd after I've fed the kids about 7. However, yesterday the pharmasist told me you should have the last one as early as possible i.e before 6pm to achieve better weight loss & to change evening eating habits. Although I have ignored this advice, its probably true - as we know food is fuel and when you eat late you dont burn it off before bed. But then I am terrible for staying up really late and if I have it too early I know I'll be starving at 1am!!!

    Keep going... you'll be at the end of week 1 before you know it xx
  19. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Day 1:

    Was hard to stomach hot choc in the morning - thinking of putting in 300ml instead of 240ml to make it a little less paste-like. Strawberry shake was nice for lunch. Chicken soup was really terrible but forced it down with lots of water - sat opposite OH's lovely dinner which I had prepared!! But I made it.

    Felt very tired by the evening and had a rotten headache. Took painkillers which helped. Dreamt twice that I had mistakenly eaten. The clues it wasn't real was that the person giving me food was a colleague from years ago. WEIRD!

    All in all I survived! Hot choc tasted better this morning - on the first pint of water - planning to get 4 pints in whilst at work and then another 1 this evening.

    Gotta keep going! xx
  20. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Cakes in the office for the third day in a row. Hungry. Drinking lots of water and trying to resist. This is tough but i've got to do it!
  21. siany71

    siany71 Full Member

    Know how you feel hun! I work 9-5 in an office also so I know how tough it is. We still have several tins of sweets from Xmas, cakes all the time and I'm sitting next to a girl who eats all day long - chocolate, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits. But it makes me feel like I've achieved something when I get through it without succumbing <<feels smug>>

    I actually find it easier at work than on weekends at home. Saturday night dinner & sunday dinner have always been a big part of the weekend so this means huge changes!
    Stay strong... its worth it in the long run x x

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