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Watching people eat!!

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Does anyone else get a real pleasure from watching people eat. I am cooking the most delicious meals for my family and the thing that is stopping me from wanting it is the enjoyment of seeing them eat it and love it!!! Is that weird?? lol...i even ask them to describe to me what it tastes like. My OH is also asking me to stop putting all the food on his plate as he can feel himself putting wait on. I seem to be getting a real buzz from feeding people. When people pop in for a quick coffee i am offering them allsorts of goodies and i am not at all bothered by them eating it in front of me. I also find having someone with me in the kitchen whilst a prepare food a real help also.. Am i strange of are other people like this.
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ew i hate watching people eat. i dont get pleasure from makin food for others to eat either, but maybe that could be something to do with the fact its all I do all day long anyway (my job). I dont mind making it but no way will I sit and watch them eat.


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Sometimes I feel the same as well and buy my husband loads of treats. I think its part of me trying to ensure that he doesnt suffer whilst im on this diet as he doesnt need to loose any weight. Other times tho if hes eating something I really enjoy I have to leave the room.


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I bake cakes and allsorts, think I am trying to feed people up!!!I am like you, cook delicious foods, although I would like to taste them!! but hubby keeps saying he wants to loose weight and to stop feeding him up!!Love
I seem to be cooking more, but as soon as I cook it, I go to another room as I can't bear to watch the family stuff it all down:sigh: If anyone's eating I sit and read the posts on here, chomping on my cd bar, and guzzling water.

are you all fattening up your friends and family hehehe sounds like a good plan :D only kidding.

I'm not ready to watch people eat at the minute..........i fear i might pounce on them and wrestle them for what they are eating :eek:
Well thank goodness! I thought I was going mad!!

I felt sure it wasn't the actions of a sane woman to buy/cook the VERY thing that I am most dying to eat for OH and DD then watch them eat it - which BTW takes them twice as long as normal as I ask them to describe just HOW nice it is in graphic detail in between mouthfulls! Oh well - my daughter will thank me if she becomes a famous food critic in the future!

And God help them if they leave anything! It DEVESTATES me now - the poor dog has been on the receiving end of some right evil looks when she's tucking into leftovers (perhaps because she is unable to describe how nice it is?!)

I go from this to feeling very sorry for myself when preparing food for others. On Friday I had a tear in my eye while making toast for OH and almost threw it at him for being so selfish asking me to make it for him?! Poor sod doesn't know whether he's coming or going!

Glad I'm not the only one!


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I don't find enjoyment in "watching" them eat, but I enjoy cooking their dinners and have no problem not eating it.. just happy to still be able to join in on the "cooking" fun..

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I enjoy cooking new healthier things for my family as for watching them eat?!.... It doesn't make me feel anything, i don't particuarly like watching people eat but it doesn't bother me a great deal either....

I think sometimes you feel good when you watch other people eat because you feel strong and proud of yourself that you can stick to the diet. I used to be like that when i dieted before, but its not so easy this time round :( . I have to ask my family to please not eat infront of, its just too tempting.

xx :)


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wow thought it was just me. I am really adoring cooking right now, just making loads of lovely things for people, I think the smells satisfy me enough! I was at a birthday party on Saturday and found myself standing by the buffet and it didn't even bother me, people thought I was mad but it was just fine, nothing looked nice really.

weird but cool

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