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Water and meals on weigh in days


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I dont have anything on weigh in day, but I get weighed just gone 9am (straight after school run) so its normal for me not to have breakfast by that time.

If it was in the evening I think I'd do what you do. Although as long as you do the same each week. the loss will still be the same.
I'm back to normalish being on the diet really helps stayin focused - still haven't had TOTM yet so that is doin my head in its been 8 weeks since my mc. Life goes on doesn't it - I stay strong for my little girl too but sometimes she asks questions that i cant answer so i say ask nanny lol.


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glad you guys are going ok. i get weighed in the evening so i save my final shake for afterwards but other than that i carry on as normal and figure that the amount of water i drink will balance out, ha. oh. and i stop drinking a couple of hours before to give myself chance to wee :D

abz xx


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i get weighed between 20.30 and 21.00 i have 2 shakes and 2 ltr water before (only drink min water on weigh in days), rest after.



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I do this so that the water and tetra dont add to my weight.
Am I mad?:wave_cry:
The only problem with that is you have to do it every week. The benefit of the lack of water and tetra will only show up the first week you do it, but you'll have to stick with it otherwise you'll have a lower weightloss week.

Much better IMO to just do what you always do. That way, you get a true reading for that time of day and don't have to adjust anything from then on.:cool:
I get weighed at 7pm and basically have nothing from about 1pm - I can't believe how much pee there still is at 6.55pm!! As soon as my CDC goes I have my final shake - and lots of water!!

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