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Water and Weigh in

Hi all - I'm having my weigh in tonight, a bit later than usual. I've seen it said that you should stop drinking water before wi - is this the case and if so, how long before??? :tear_drop:

Also, have only had one pack so far today.... should I have another before I go (its at 8 pm) or have other two when I get home???
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I am no expert but I would suggest you have your lunch now and KEEP drinking. I am sure if you stop drinking or don't drink much on weigh in days you will not be doing yourself any favours.
I don't know about you but I am sure I wee more than I drink lol
The more water you consume the more you will weigh obviously.

BUT the important thing is to be consistent week on week.
If you always have a shake before you go and keep drinking as normal, then each week your loss will be accurate for the week.
I don't do anything differently. I have my shake/bar/soup/tetra at my usual time, and my water consumption is normal too. The only thing that's different is that I try and go to the loo before I go, otherwise my bladder is full by the time I get there, and I've never asked my CDC to use her loo! LOL!
It seems to make no difference with my weigh ins, and I always feel like I'm kidding myself if I'd change my routine just so I can see another 0.5lb gone... (which will be added back as soon as I have another pint of water or a shake anyway!)

Anyway, everybody has their own silly thing I guess! I have my morning weigh in routine: I wake up, go to the loo, take off all clothing, breathe in, breathe out, step on scale, hold breath, stand very still, look down, and hope for the best! LOL!
It doesn't really matter to be honest, some people stop drinking hours before weigh in but then they think they retain more and hence weigh more!

The reality is that although water does weigh it is the final result that matters so one good weeks is usually followed by a bad and vice versa.

So my advice is just keep glugging the water, take the packs and hang in there.


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