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Addicted to Minimins!
:tear_drop:Water, water everywhere so lets go glug some more!! :tear_drop:
How much have you lot gotten through so far today?? I've been out thismorning so haven't actually had any yet!!! I know, i know, thats sooooo not good for my first day! (slaps self!!) :whoopass:
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So far, I've had a measly 1 litre. So I'd best get glugging.

It's true to say it gets easier to dink more as the diet progresses - I genuinly get thirstier anyway.
half way thro my 3rd litre :party0011::innocent0002: but have to go dentist this aft so wont be able to drink till about 7 ish root canal part 2 today .In fact while im bragging also done 5 mile bike ride and walking 2.5 mile to dentist and back this aft(and it pixxing down here) need a gold star today .Must go polish my halo lol.Dont worry back to normal morrow tv remote and foot muff .:rotflmao:
Half way through my thrid litre too, 1 shake down, 2 coffees down and 1 GT!

And about 20 trips to the loo xxxx


Addicted to Minimins!
I think i should go and catch up! Maybe i could hook up an IV drip, or stick my head under the tap for half an hour??? lol
I sympathise Rayven...I found drinking the water harder than the no food! The best thing about maintenance for me was being able to have fizzy drinks and milky tea again! I missed them more than food lol!
Half twelve and I'm at two pints - I consider myself to be extremely lucky in this, though, because I love water. Maybe you should look into different brands of bottled water, because the taste variation is astounding!

Hungry Hippo
Half way through third litre too. I actually find it easier to drink the water if it is not too cold. I add some hot water from the kettle and can glug it down a little easier.

Straight from the cold tap is freezing and makes me want to pee all the more.



Addicted to Minimins!
I'm getting through my first two litre bottle. Think i'm gonna have to glug for England thisafty!


Addicted to Minimins!
Still haven't managed my first two litre bottle today! Really struggling to get through it.
im only half way through 2 nd ltr but had 2 shakes and drinking a can of zero coke.....but i ten to drink rest of water in the evening whilst watching tv,i try to do 2 and half if i can...

Deb G

Silver Member
Had to do four by lunchtime as it is weigh day today. Won't drink now till after weigh in - don't want to effect the scales, its going to be bad week so I need all the help I can get. Not done anythign wrong, just the d*mn scales don't want to move for me!


Addicted to Minimins!
Managed to finish the first 2 litres, now starting my second.
Good luck with the weigh-in Deb!!


Addicted to Minimins!

:tear_drop: Well todays shaping up to be a better day than yesterday. I've had one shake and have already gone through my first litre. :tear_drop: :)


Addicted to Minimins!
I've gone through about 5L so far, am planning on getting through another 1L when i have my last shake.
Oh geezy peeps :( I'm sitting here with my 4th PINT - nevermind LITRE!!! Finding the whole water intake thing a bit of a struggle :(

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