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Water can it be bad??


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12 pints is a massive amount to drink!!
You need to have 2.25ltrs a day. Most of us try to drink 3-4 litres a day but its not always easy.
Someone will come along shortly with the technical details but drinking water flushes out what we dont need from our systems.
Good luck.


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Hey White, 12 pints does seem like an awful lot - were you ever off the loo? Not long after I started the diet it seemed to feel thirsty all the time and felt like I was drying out and and I did drink a lot of water, say 5ltrs. This feeling did dissapear and now I have around 3.5ltrs a day.

I would suggest that you sip the water throughout the day. Try using a bottle with a sports cap so sip rather than chug the water. I know if I drink from a glass I drink it all!


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Lol i know, i am jus finding myself so thristy. i am not normally a massive water drinker but i cant seem to get enuf at the mo. Also i am awake for about 16hr a day cant get to sleep b4 midnight, im not tired at all thats jus my body clock so really its not even a pint every hour. 4ltrs is 8 pints so i had about 6ltrs ill try to slow down a bit it might slow down i might be drinking that to block my mind from food lol.


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@ wales on the loo all day lol but yes it is the same feeling of drying out and not wanting it but needing it, im glad that it could slow down a bit i dont wanna cause myself harm by drinking too much. i didnt like water b4 but now im loving it. This feeling may pass i am only on day 3 ( day 1 i had breakfast b4 i met my cdc ) so only day 2 on full ss.


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They say to drink according to thirst. And it's been very warm lately - the chances are you were very thirsty. Yes, 12 pints sounds a lot, but it depends rather on what you were doing.

I wouldn't worry too much if you were spacing it out over the course of the day and were drinking to satisfy thirst rather than a perceived need to drink that much.

There is no truth in the saying 'the more you drink, the more you shrink'. 4 pints (2.2 litres) used to be the guidance minimum amount. The rest is a matter of common sense and thirst. :)

Well done on getting to Day 3 - you're nearly over the first big hurdle! :0clapper:


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I think if you were feeling thirsty your body obviously needed it. So I wouldn't worry about it! You should drink about 5 pints on SS if you have a tetra or bar too, and you're not too much above that. And as Lily said, it's been really hot lately. So I think you're fine! If you're thirsty, don't deny your body the water because you feel it's too much, just go for it.


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Just try and spread your water throughout the day!


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thank you all,

yes i do make sure it is spread out. i feel great had the shakes yesterday but luckily i still had 1 shake to go, i dnt feel hungry at all, but feel the need to eat jus for the sake of it but i wont i think thats more to do with re-training the brain not the hunger.

thanks again
I was too wondering about water intake!
I'm on SS and I can only ever get about 2 liters if that down me everyday!
I do try and drink more tea and always put more water in my shakes so I'm hoping this all helps go towards the 2.25 I should be having?????
Good luck everyone! x xx x
The important thing is not to drink vast amounts very quickly. Since last wednesday I have been drinking 5 litres (yes i did say 5 litres!) a day BUT this is spread over the whole day from 7 am to midnight. In that effect it doesn't seem a lot to me. I drank that amount in week 2 after retaining water in week 1 to flush out my system. It worked and like others I then dropped to about 3.5 litres. However, I am also a low loser and find drinking more DOES make me lose more but it's because it's water I am losing. The other reason I am drinking more is obviously because of the weather AND my dancing. I did 3 hours dancing this morning and so I need to replace water lost though sweat. 5 litres is manageable for me and also stops me cheating. I set myself targets throughout the day depending on what I am doing as to how much I will drink and when. Eg at least a litre before I allow myself my morning shake. This usually takes at least an hour to drink but I stick to not having shake until then. I then drink a further 2 litres throughout the morning and usually have lunch shake between 1pm and 2pm. Then I have to drink another litre before my teatime soup and then just a litre to sip throughout the evening.


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Too be fair it was 33degrees here on weds and thursday so I got through loads more than normal. Aslong as its not litres at a time that should be fine. :)
I don't know how anyone could drink litres at a time! I know I couldn't. I have to take my time while drinking anyway. Obviously some people have done it though hence the death and worries.


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ok thank you all i might jus try to consume a little less lol horror stories!!! but it is spread out ova the day, 16hrs. without drinking i seem to be jus too thirsty i am weeing all day long (tmi) lol so it is passing through.
If I don't drink enough I easily retain it. I would rather be going to the loo lots than that!

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