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  1. Lexie_dog


    Was exhausted yesterday after placement, managed a paltry 500ml of water. So busy [​IMG].

    Crawled to bed at 6 for a nap, and told hubby to wake me. Apparently he did and I told him "Don't touch me and f*** off" :eek:. I remain unconvinced. Although it is possible, last time he tried to wake me like this I punched him.

    Anyway, have decided today will make a consistent effort to plough in more water. Leaving my 810 meal until I'm home after placement and will take an extra tetra. The way I might have room for more water during the day.

    I'm trying. (I'm very trying I hear you cry! but no mind)

    Have good day on plan everyone, and I'll hopefully see you at some point.
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  3. herewego

    herewego Gold Member

    Morning Lexie & Everyone!

    I woke up this morning full of energy after a horrendous day yesterday (recovering from meals off plan at the weekend) so it would appear ketosis has kicked in again!

    Unfortunately my weight hasn't budged for a week now :mad: and I'm trying my hardest not to become despondent as I know that even with the food I had I didn't eat a lot of calories so it must be coming off.

    I struggled with the water yesterday as well Lexie - it's so hard when busy!

    Right, time to get ready for another day in the office! Not looking forward to it as the aircon can't cope and I have to get on the pesky tube to get there! Still, at least I'm wearing a gorgeous dress that now fits me perfectly - it didn't fit me 5 weeks ago :D:D:D

    I'm setting some mini goals for myself today to keep motivated:

    1. Drink lots of water
    2. Go for 30 min walk
    3. Get through the day without a skinny capp (my one weakness that I struggle to shift)

    Catch you later!
  4. Jessica Rabbit72

    Jessica Rabbit72 Gold Member

    MORNING !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lexie hope placement not too busy and sounds like a good plan with the tetras and water.

    Alli good signs you are in ketosis with the energy rise and Im sure the scales will move soon!

    Im working today Im hoping its not too hot! I will try with my water today too I managed 2L yesterday so hope to get the same if not more down me today.

    Hi to everyone who comes on here today and keep strong everyone will be back later

  5. Rayven

    Rayven Addicted to Minimins!

    Morning guys and gals.
    Day 2 of 100% ss for me & i'm feeling very positive (although my tongue this morning felt like a miniature badger had crawled into my mouth and died! YUK - guess thats a good thing though) Was gasping for a cuppa this morning which i'm now supping & am looking forward to getting another 100% day under my belt! Had a headache when i woke up, which hopefully , once these paracetamol have kicked, in will bugger off and leave me alone! lol
    Hope you're all doing well & have a great day. xxx
  6. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    Morning everyone,
    I also struggled with water yesterday after doing really well last week... so another one going to be glugging today!!
    I am doing a lot of stuff here at home at the moment... am decorating my home office right now so should use a few cals!
    Not a lot of time on here, but I am back to SS now so am hoping for better loss than 2lb nevxt week.
    have just 5lb to go to get into the 11's so am very excited! Now to lose 5lb this week, would be very nice!!! LOLOL
    Anyway hiope you all have a good day!
    Off to do the school run then back to the paste bucket!

  7. sbridge7

    sbridge7 Silver Member

    Hey guys hope all is well. I started on Monday and have been 100% and I'm reaping the rewards :) My CDC and I agreed that it would be better to use my scales as they weigh me 4lbs heavier and she comes to me. I think it's much better for me this way and so I hopped on them this morning and they have shown a 4.4lb loss within 2 days, though I feel TOTM is on its way! I love this diet, I really do and feel so motivated. I don't know if I'm in ketosis as I haven't felt hungry really since I started, only after having my final foodpack did I feel slightly peckish. Here's to another 100% SS day today xxx
  8. Lisa Claire

    Lisa Claire Full Member

    Morning all, as per my thread this morning, had a bit of a biinge last night and feeling really crap about it. Back on it today, can never let it happen again!! Have a good day all!
  9. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    Morning all,

    Another water struggeler here yesterday,managed my 2.5 litres but usually manage 3 no problem.

    Lovely day here today, HB got a rare day off so he's doing outside jobs then we're going to pay a quick visit later to his sister to drop off her birthday pressie.

    hope you all have good days!
  10. charley24

    charley24 Silver Member

    Morning :)
    Feeling a bit better this morning as always (nights nearly kill me - I want to eat) !!!! Anyways rowed with DD1 this morning as she didn't tell me she needed a t-shirt for this morning for her school play reahersal. Hubby had put it on ironing board and forgt, went off to work and then we arrive at school and she tells me, total attitude, had a cry and was very cheeky (she is 9 and the hormones have began) had to speak to teacher, but fine to bring in tomorrow.

    Home again, going to sort out my wardrobe of all the clothes I never wear and do some more ebaying ! I keep looking at things and thinking I will wear that...........one day, but one day never comes so I am getting rid of it ! (My wardrobe will be soooooooooooo bare) !!!!

    Anyways it's an excuse for new clothes when I come down a size anyways !

    Hope everyone has a lovely day x
  11. Rayven

    Rayven Addicted to Minimins!

    Well, still on plan for day 2. Not really feeling hungry but am struggling psychologically today.....the chunky kit kats are calling me from the fridge.....'come and eat me.....I'm so tasty' and its driving me insane. However i haven't relented, but hubby just came home from work and scoffed one in front of me in seeminlgy 2 seconds flat!! *shocking behaviour!!* lol
    Think i may struggle with cooking dinner tonight and if i leave hubby to do it the girls will be eating beans on toast or something undercooked!
  12. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    Hey all, its super hot here, 27 degrees in Aberdeenshire, who'd have thought it?!

    HB didnt come to his sisters with us, still doing outside jobs and will be all day i think. I understand that they need to be done but he's so rarely off that I was looking forward to some hands on help with DS today and we had a talk about it last night but may as well not have bothered, hasn't made any difference. I'll just plod on, nothing else to do, I just wish he saw helping me as more important than painting the bloomin garage doors. arggg! rant over!

    hope everones coping in this heat!
  13. Julie Williams

    Julie Williams Silver Member

    Hey all, having a lovely day here in Wales and as I put on my thread have had IVF appointment to see consultant which made my day even better, nothing could flatten my mood at mo feel like im on cloud 9!!!!! Hope your all being good and glugging away take care xxx
  14. Lexie_dog


    I think I might actually die from heat.

    Hospital full of very hot sick tetchy people. And hot nurses.

    Hubby away for 3 nights on business.

    Ah well.
  15. QueenJ

    QueenJ Full Member

    Send some heat over here... It's 22C but I'm feeling cold! Just finished my 3rd litre of water, usually great drinking water Mon-Fri, can manage 4-5ltrs easily but I'll be lucky to pass 2ltrs at weekends!

    7 days SS completed, WI was on day 2 last week, but I won't get 'official WI' til tomorrow but I passed ONE goal already! Yay!

    How do the night workers manage on CD? I have a early and late work shift on Friday til 4am... won't have time for a nap, usually a high energy snack around midnight keeps me going but this time? A 4th meal perhaps???
  16. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    I'm shattered! off to bed, think I really need to up my water tomorrow, managed 3 L today but just think I should've had more with it being so hot. I'm considering SS+ or 810 after my next WI because I just feel so ready for it, hopefully wont be long anyway till Im moving up through the plans. I still feel I've got loads to loose till I feel normal but I'd rather see what happens going up through the plans and introduace more exercise than change my goal now and do SS for another month, roll on next Weds WI so I've got a better idea of what to do!

    night all.
  17. sbridge7

    sbridge7 Silver Member

    Had my third 100% SS day, though I felt peckish today which could be due to the fact TOTM is on its way so drank a lot of water! I think I'm in ketosis as I was cold and my breath smells a bit funny, so had to buy sugar free, calorie free peppermint spray. Just had my third shake, Chocolate orange which I did not particularly enjoy and I'm about to have my last 500mls of water. Hope everyone is well xx
  18. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    I wasnt a fan of the choc orange ones either-well done on another 100% day, keep it going!! TOTM on this diet is difficult, well for me anyway!just have to take it one day at a time! splitting shakes helps me so I have 6 'meals' a day and not just 3,
  19. sbridge7

    sbridge7 Silver Member

    Thanks for that tip Angela! :) I'm glad I ordered all but the Butterscotch, Forest fruits and Tomato soup this week, as it's allowed me to pick my favourites :)
  20. Reject Doll

    Reject Doll Full Member

    I have also struggled with water since I wasn't well at the weekend but have managed 5 litres today! lol

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