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Water - Dehydration or Weight Loss?


Skinny girl in a fat body
Why is the real reason we need to drink so much water on this diet. Is it becasue of the dehydration factor, or has it been proven that the more you drink the more you shrink? I am finding it quite difficult to down so much water and to be honest it is putting me off this diet (I felt the same way last time too and dreaded starting this diet becasue of it). Weekends are worse as in work someone is always making a coffee which I replace with water so it is slightly easier at work. Has anyone got the REAL reason we have to drink this much - I feel like I am drowning!!
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Gone fishing
As Starlight says, it's not true.

You do need to drink the 2.5L for other reasons ie ketosis is dehydrating, vits and minerals need diluting etc


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BTW Mia, most people should be drinking about 2L anyway, even if not on a diet. It's just a little extra. How much are you trying to get through?


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From the Cambridge home page
How much water should I drink when on the Cambridge Diet?

  • A very low calorie diet (VLCD) like Cambridge produces a natural water loss and this must be replaced.
  • Food is largely composed of water, just like our bodies. On the ‘’Sole Source’’ programme it is necessary to compensate for the fluid that would otherwise have been taken in through food. It is important to keep the body’s fluid levels topped up to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of dehydration – headache, dizziness, fatigue, irritability and constipation.
  • The Cambridge Diet offers complete nutrition but in a very concentrated form. It is therefore ideal to have 250ml (half pint) of water before each diet to dilute the concentration of minerals and to help prevent any possible feeling of nausea.
  • Extra fluid enables the body to get rid of the waste products associated with the breakdown of fats resulting from weight loss.


Skinny girl in a fat body
BTW Mia, most people should be drinking about 2L anyway, even if not on a diet. It's just a little extra. How much are you trying to get through?
Thanks everyone. I am trying to drink 2.5 - 3 litres a day, and I have managed it. To be honest the other day I had such a bad pain in my side, someone said my kidneys were probably working overtime. I don't enjoy drinking the water, in fact I was going to write a post the other day asking if it made anyone feel ill, becasue it is me:sigh: Anyway, I have had about 1 litre today and I am not going to drink anymore at this time of night, I don't interupt my sleep for anyone :D, but I am worrying in case I won't have a loss this week becasue I haven't drank my water. I know it has been clinically proven it does not make you lose weigh quicker, but I am a bit worried in case my lack of water today will effect the scales on wednesday.
Pardon me for having an opinion and only stating what i was told by a CDC I will keep my mouth shut from now on
All that we were doing was pointing out that thats NOT a fact, theres a common misconception that that phrase its true and its not. We cant let people think that its true. Your CDC is wrong saying that all you did was pass on the information in good faith.


Gone fishing
Aw Mia..I feel your pain. I didn't like drinking the water. Don't push for the 3L. 2.25 is the minimin.

A couple of things that helped me was adding a bit more water to the shakes. Also having a sports bottle with me and sipping throughout the day.

I also used to put a cup of water in the m/wave to warm it. Somehow I found that much easier to drink. I did find that anything more than the minimum just made me feel yuck. But there again, I'm a coffee drinker so was probably getting plenty of fluid that way.

Redbush tea is also allowed to add to your daily fluid intake so if you like that it should help

I hope you find a way as this really is a fab diet.

Please don't worry about the weigh in :hug99:
I am finding the water fairly easy at the moment. My tip is to drink 1 pint before every foodpack and as i split my breakfast sachet in half, thats 4 pints minimum every day and nothing after 6pm so not going to the loo as much at night.
This is like a 'deal' ive struck with myself "If i want the food, i got to drink the water first"....so far its working well:)


Girl on a mission
Sometimes putting the water into smaller bottles help, i fill up the 500ml bottles and have 1 before work couple during the day at work then 2-3 in evening which is about 3 litres, since i did that found it 10 x easier to drink the water instead of facing big 1-2 litre bottles:eek:


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks everyone. I have always struggled with the water. I do normally do it, just feeling a bit bloated with it today. I've tried all sorts but I feel like my stomach just cant take anymore bloody water!!!!!! Thanks again

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