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water flavouring - yuk!

hi there
i decided to buy some of the water flavour last night, just for a change.

bit daft really as i don't like squash to drink but i thought it might be nice in hot water like tea.

it isn't!

what creative stuff could i do with it - ideas please!

daisy x
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Which one did you get?

I like them. Have you tried it hot?
You can freeze it in ice cube trays and suck the cubes or drop them into water. Did you make it too strong?
in the summer (not that we're quite there yet!) i made it into ice lollies....very tasty!
Have a little bit of the power straight from the tub, tastes a bit like sherbert :p

I only put about 1/3 of a (large serving) spoon of powder into a pint of water, it's strong stuff! :D


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what flavour did you get? I like the Fruits of the Forest, but not so keen on the sunshine orange.
its the fruits of the forest one
am going to try the ice lollies - not really the time of year but i'll give them a go
thanks for suggestions


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For the lollies: You need to make the water mixture extra flavoursome... The sort of strength you really wouldn't drink! Or at least I made them that way.. :D Sorta tasted like a Calipo in the end.

Someone had an idea of mixing a little bit of the Fruits of the Forest into tea to make a Fruity tea? I should try that someone, but my LLC forgot to give me the flavour even though I paid for it. :(


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My LLC always has a large jug of water and glasses on the table with all three flavours there for anyone to use whilst they are there. Did you not have the chance to try the flavours first?
yes i did try - and it was the best out of the 3!

as i said originally, i don't really know why i bought it really as i don't like squash to drink!

just had a cup of it hot, which actually tasted not too bad this time so i will keep trying it til i like it

daisy x

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