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water flavouring


Is back in the saddle!
I always thought unlimited too!

If it helped get the water down! I must have put at least two teaspoons in each pint glass and was having my 3 litres a day.
you can have as much as you want. I go through loads of the stuff and it never did me any harm!
For me it helped keep the constipation at bay. Always took it in all my water for the 24hours before weigh in.
Still use it now if I get a little "stuck" !:eek:
lol I actually initially put "I think it's as much as you want but can someone confirm that?" then read the 2nd post about it being 3 servings so changed mine, now it seems it was right anyway :p
phew, I use about 2/3 of a tub per week, I do drink some water without it particularly when I'm very thirsty but it does help the water go down, I know drink about 3-4 litres a day (not including shakes). though it helps that my work has fizzy water taps in the kitchens so I can just fill up a refillable bottle about 3 times a day and have it on my desk.
@karenlisa are you sure your LLC wasn't talking about savoury drinks and not the water flavourings? I'd say have as much of the water flavouring as you want, most others around here do and it doesn't seem to affect them :)
Fizzy water tap - now that's posh !!;)
It says in the handbook that you can have an unlinmited amount! She's making it up as it makes no difference to your loss how much you have. I used to get through up to two tubs a week and as you can see from my ticker, it didn't stop me losing weight.
Think your LLC needs reeducating about it. The consensus on here is that you can have as much as you like and it makes no difference.
It's the only thing I drink now in terms of soft drinks even though I've not been on LL for over a year

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