Water Flavouring


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I have drank about 3 glasses today with the berry water flavouring in - how yummy?!

I licked my finger and it tasted like the sour sweets you get - how many of these are you allowed to have a day?

Surely there must be some kinda chewy sweet you can make with this - if you freeze a paste?
Berry is fab, I sprinkle some on top of fruits of the forest mousse to give some real zest. Maybe if you took a fruits of the forest pack as a base, added a load of flavouring and a bit of water you might be able to freeze it into sweets, like the "fudge" recipes?
Supposedly we're only allowed 1 teaspoon a day!! (was in the lastest cambridgei) but I ignore that and have it all the time!!! can hardly drink water without it...and if it gets the water down...I don't care!!

Look at me...total rebel.;)
We are told unlimited...that is LL though not Cambridge, so maybe different. As for making sweets, great idea but doesn't it give you the runs? Ewww...still it sure helps get the water down!
I knwo the LL drinks give you the runs,m but CD doesn't have the ingredient - can't remember what it's called.

mmm Summerberry Sweets, def let us know if you make them.
It's the inulin in LL flavours (which I think is some kind of fibre?) that can upset your timmy but sure I read some earlier posts about CD flavours also upsetting some?