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Water in coffee shops

rainbow brite

Good morning ladies and gentlemen :)

I have yet another stupid question, but given that I've never done it I genuinely don't know the answer lol

The boy just rang and asked me to go out for coffee with him tomorrow afternoon. This so rarely happens that I didn't want to say no just because of LT, but (and brace yourselves for the stupid question) they do sell bottled water in coffee shops like Starbucks, right?

LOL Reading this back it sounds ridiculous and I'm guessing that the answer is going to be 'of course they do' but I just wanted to make absolutely sure before I go.

And now I feel very silly...
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rainbow brite

Hehehe thank you. Seriously can't describe how 'special' I feel right now for even asking that but oh well :rotflmao:
Silly sily silly, stupid question!!

Now the answer...... I don't know myself.

Someone should save us from ourselves:p

Bet its a "yes they do"

rainbow brite

Hehehe, I certainly do think we need saving, or at least a few simple life lessons :)
No question is a silly question..... you can always get black coffee if you are a coffee drinker!:D
Yeah get an americano! No Problemo - and a bottle of water... much better! xox

It isn't a stupid question coz half of us don't know the answer and we aren't going to admit to being a bit dim!!! Lol!!!

I'm guessing they do but who knows, you can tell us after your visit.

mmmm starbucks..... all i can think of now.
Yep they do, they have sparking water as well so you've a huge choice!!!
Oops - supposed to be meeting him in half an hour and I'm not even dressed never mind showered and made-up lol

Women, eh? (that was especially for you scazman!)
Well he decided that because I'd said I was on a detox (little white lie) that we'd go to Juice Moose instead, which I LOVE, but I had to reveal that I couldn't even have fruit juice so I stopped in at a newsagents in the shopping centre and picked up a bottle of Evian and supped on that whilst he got his chocolate, coffee and ice-cream concoction :( lol

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