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Cruise PV water infection

Hi any dukan advise please - think ive got a water infection some pain and discomfort and ive been getting up in the night more than usual (thats why im so cream crackered then) for the past few nights. I can't have cranberry juice so other than chemist/docs is there anything else because I dont go to the docs unless im desperate. :sigh:
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Do u suffer from a burning sensation when passing water?
You may have a touch of cystitis, I'm just assuming that you are a woman, I don't know why.
You can get off the shelf medicine (a sodium citrate based medicine) to treat this, most of it, however, does contain a touch of sugar, without it it would be fowl. The sugar is minimal, as most pharmaceutical companies try avoid using sugars in their products for obvious reasons.
If, however, you live in/ near a big big city you may be able to track down some citro-soda at some of the ethnic shops. This is not available in ordinary chemists and, be warned, contains no sugar and tastes fowl.
All that said, do not take these medicines if you are male. Go to your GP.

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I used to suffer from this (not so much since being single :D) and I found the only effective way to get rid of it was with antibiotics from the docs.

If you find cranberry juice / sachets from the pharmacy work for you though I say take them. Your health is the most important thing!

Feel better soon.


Just keep swimming...
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You have my sympathies. I suffer from cystitis very regularly (problem with my bladder) and always have to have antibiotics from the doctor as the infection is always bacterial.

But you might find your infection will react favourably to the sachets so they would be a first step. Don't worry about the sugar content - your health is more important.

A little bicarb of soda in water can also help to alleviate the burning but don't overdo it as it could upset your stomach.

Also, and most importantly, keep drinking water to help flush out the infection. Don't gulp large amounts down in one go though - just constantly take sips as it's not good to flood your kidneys.

Really hope you get rid of it soon Chris x
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I'd second the advice above - get the sachets from the chemist, even if they contain sugar. You aren't going to be able to maintain the diet if you feel miserable and in pain.

Also you should probably stick to PV days until the infection is clear - just too make sure your urine isn't loaded with protein, uric acid, etc.
Hi - Thanks everyone for the advice - i just keep having pain in the lower abdomen and slight discomfort where u dont want discomfort :( wouldnt say burning but just dont feel right ive never had it before. I dont feel as bad as I did on Friday - I've been drinking water and MrR is going to go to the chemist at Tesco this aft for me so fingers x wont need to pay a visit to the docs.
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I used to get them ALL the time a few years ago and was constantly on antibiotics.... Obviously if it does actually turn into a UTI you should get antibiotics to prevent the infection travelling to your kidneys. If it hasn't reached that point but you begin the get the first signs and symptoms flush your kidneys and urinary tract by drinking a full pint of room temperature water every 20 mins for an hour. You can also take an Alka Seltzer which will help to alkalize your system...If you have caught it early enough this can stave off full blown infection. Get well soon x

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