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water infection??


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you dont think its cystitis do you?? iv had it before and your pain sounds familiar, does it hurt when you go for a pee? xx


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sounds uncomfortable...u should get urself checked out. try to drink bottled water when possible. from my knowledge u shouldnt have any sort of tummy/pelvic pain when on CD...go get urself seen if it persists --xx feel better


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just when im sat like watching telly but saying that i do feel lie i need a wee but nothing happens so could be :(


Will be slim!!!!!!!
sounds like it could be cystitis, thats exactly what i had, wanting to go to toilet all the time but then not needing to, go see your doc asap just to be on the safe side! wishing you the best hun xx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
tell me about it!! but at least you'll feel better, fingers crossed! xx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
really sounds like it hun, if you cant get a fast appointment with your gp, e.g. a week, then drop into a clinic or something, coz it can get nasty if not treated! xxx


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think it is as i was just reading NHS direct and it states and i quote sorry to be graphic 'Bacteria being pushed into the urethra in women, this can happen when you insert a tampon' and i always get this pain few days after my TOTM and only started recently using tampons. sorry to be graphic but just wanted advice


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Good luck with GP! ( I avoid mine at all costs too!! Have to be really really sick to go there.)

It does sound like cystitis. I suffer repeatedly from that. GP said its just unfortunate that some women are more prone than others, and because of our biological make up, its a wonder more women dont get it!

As far as CD goes, whatever it takes to get rid of the infection MUST be done. I often need anti-bi's for it, as self help stuff doesnt always work. I use bicarb, cranberry juice and drinks gallons of water to flush it through. Its utterly miserable so if GP suggests treatment - use it!! (Last time I had blood in my wee, that was agony. You dont want to lead to that, trust me!)

Goos luck!


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5.25pm tonight. Got a gig to go to as well at 7.30pm gonna be rush rush rush ha ha ha x
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awe i had this last week, and i find i have to sit forward to pee :( ... since i not been drinking that much i found its gone.. still got the odd pain in my tummy and pelvis upon heavy flow... but i always sufer pain in my pelvis.. and especially around totm.. would be nice to know what it is.. ?

i await your results :) good luck


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When you go for a wee, if possible, pour warm water over yourself, I find that this really helps. I've had cystitis once, and it was horrendous! You have my every sympathy!

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