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Water intake up to weigh in time


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i don't think it matters does it...i tend to go 'toilet' before i weigh anyway as I am always on the loo.

I just make sure I do the same thing every week then it's accurate every time.


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i am a bit obsessive with that im afraid.
i weigh in at 11.30am every week and on that day i have no shake until i have weighed in and the only fluid i have is at 8am to take my morning meds (about half a glass of water).
i take water and a tetra to my weigh in and as soon as i get in the car afterwards i am glugging shake and water one after another.
a few weeks ago i forgot to take water with me and we went straight to grocery shopping from my weigh in..... where i almost passed out.
i blamed it on the fact it was a warm day but had i had my water with me im sure i would have been fine.


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I'm usually thirsty so I just drink, lol. I try to hold off shakes but my CDC was late last week so I ended up having one, still ended up 5.5lbs down :D
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cheryl I'm the exact same! literally lol half a glass of water if that, then guzzle it down afterwards!!
I used to have a evening weigh in so would stop a couple of hours before hand. But now im going to morning ones - guess il wait until i get home!


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Thanks guys! My weigh in is around 7 so may calm down on water now apart from some sipping maybe! Will let u know how it goes xx


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I try and drink as little as possible all day, I don't want excess water spoiling my moment lol
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if you don't drink enough your body will hold onto the water which will show as a gain so you are better to carry on as normal

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