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Water is all the same...

Hey peeps, noticed a strange thing today..

Was out and about and I am trying to up my intake of the old H2O.:D

Not thinking, I just grabbed the nearest sports bottle from the shop and off I went.. OMG YUCK!!! :spit:

My friends thinks I have lost the plot, says it just tastes like water!!!

I get home to my old faithful - Morrison's value sparkling 16p per 2 liters and wow:drool:

What a difference.

Anyone else the same, or am I weird LOL
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each to there own ............. i have to leave my tap water to get to room temperature ............ xx


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I dont ever drink juice so I always notice water tastes! It defo tastes different dependant on brand. If I dont get water with low calcium it genuinely tastes like milk! I only drink volvic and evian haha
Ewww probs all in my mind


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I cant stomach water with a high sodium content because it tastes, well, salty to me.

And I also scrutinize the label to see which one has least to no fluoride in it because I like to avoid that as much as possible.

I usually just drink chilled tap water tho - I have a bottle of volvic I just keep refilling and chucking in the fridge because my tap water doesnt get cold enough for my liking.


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i agree, different brands taste different due to the mineral content.
and i also like it at room temperature, hate cold things, was never an icecream fan, fortunately!


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I just refill bottles with tap water & keep them in the fridge. I always have 2 big bottles on the go...love it. I have since I was a kid :D
I too think tap water is the best, evian reminds me of swimming pool water yuk! Infact I don't really like most bottled water. Must be too used to drinking my lovely Scottish tap water :-D x
I second that about Scottish tap water :)


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The only water I've found that I dont like is Evian, to me it has such a horrible taste to it. My favourites are volvic, asda's Eden Falls and tap water from by britta

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