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water really is the gold isn't it!


is going to loose!
I've been not focused the past 2 weeks, maybe 3 since returning from camp and have been fluctuating. However even though I haven't been 100% with my food I have upped the water intake and can seriously recommend that if you are at a standstill go another 500ml of water a day for the week and see what happens!

I'm sure many of you can agree with me here. It really does help to kick things back into moving.

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i have a lot of love for my water! I usually 'feel' hungry first thing in the morning, and yet as soon as i have a load of water i feel fine and ready for the day ahead! :)


is going to loose!
I found that I drink more when it's bottled water??? So just to make sure I will stay on track for the next few days I might keep buying 2 big 1.5 ltr bottles and then any extra will be from the tap.

Lizz you are doing really well!

I <3 Water!!!

Water is soooo great. Though the water in this country is not so great. Lucky we have bottled filter water machines at work, where I fill up on.

In Christchurch, NZ (where I'm from), our water is pure gold, it tastes so good. It comes from the alps & glaciers!

I find it funny when people on here talk about how they can't manage to drink their water requirements, I'm like you spoilt brats (;)), who've been drinking juice, and soda all their lives. Think of children and families who have no concept of fresh running water or what it tastes like.


is going to loose!
Hi Hannah!

Our water is good too. Although we are in a drought most of OZ!....

I am just finding that the bottled stuff is going down too easy and that's what i need at the moment.



Cambridge Consultant
Yes I agree with you! water is def the way forward I drink about 3 to 4 litres a day and feel so much better for it to.
I used to be a big diet coke drinker and 13 weeks and no diet coke!!!
Water is the new diet coke for me .. x


can see the end in sight!
bren whereabouts in Oz are you from? I am from Brissie!

I have always drunk loads, so getting at least 3l isn't an issue for me, and really helps when i am having the old mental hunger pangs!


is going to loose!
I'm in Melbourne.

Yeah I was doing really well with the water until I went on holiday about 5 weeks ago now for 2 weeks. Whilst I was away I got lazy with it and when I got back I went on a bush camp in the mountains and it wasn't very warm so didn't really feel a need to keep up the water, bummer about that. Anyway the past 2 days have been really good with the water and I head home to Perth in 3 weeks and thinking about CD ing for 3 weeks?? as best i can, but not sure if I should.

Actually yes I will just go and see the CDC tomorrow and buy 2 weeks worth of packs this will get me past the 70 kg mark hopefully which is where I plateau and I just want to get past that so that's about 3 kgs in 2 weeks then back onto my healthy eating I think for a week before I fly home for a wedding. Currently I'm 73.1 ish.

Melbourne - I <3 melbs too. So many of my friends have migrated to Melbourne. It's such a cool place to visit. I love the vibe in that city.

Possible plans to go there once we've done our stint here, instead of returning back to chch.

Is it starting to get much colder now, Bren?


is going to loose!
Yeah it's slowly creeping in now MR COLD. It's not too bad 17 degree - 19 days.

I'm off to the gym for a 40 min bike ride so catch you all later.


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