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Water Retention..anyone else suffer badly?


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Hi all

I suffer so bad from water retention the week before *Week... I can gain anything upto 2-3 pounds durng this week and it's a real cheese off when it shows on the scales.. I haven't been doing SW very long and I know this is going to be my nightmare each month on WI night. I know it's not "weight" but equally it shows as a gain and it really has got me down this month. Last week I gained 2lb through nothing more than water.

Does anyone else have this problem please? :help2:
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i get really bad bloating due to having ibs and i always am about 5 pounds heavier at night, and i also bloat b4 the time of the month,, but stick at it and u will find that your weight loss will be huge next week as you will have lost your water retetion+ whatever you have lost due to dieting

good luck hun xxx


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Thank you so much.. your reply has made me feel better.. It's hard enough to get the weight off without it being held up by something out of our control hey...
i no, its such a pain but hey ho at least we are doing something about it :D xx


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I bloat terribly too. The first full day of my "you know what" I just pee and pee and pee. I can't stop. I often show a gain on the scales, which is always disappointing but you're allowed to say it's your * week and no one holds it against you. And the next week is always fab because you go back having lost not only your weight for that week but all that water too. It's worth the disappointment of the previous week! :D


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I put on a skirt that had always been a bit tight and it fitted lovely. No tightness at all. Get to TOTM and I couldn't wear it - despite having lost 2lbs in the meantime. It's horrible, but all you can do is think about the lovely, bigger weightloss when it's gone.


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When I was younger, I used to find, in the first few days of starting the weight just dropped off each month. So glad it is all over now.

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I can gain anywhere up to 7lbs the week before my * week Huni, but as Im prepared for it, I just have to grin and bear it.
It comes off again the week after though, so dont panic!


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This might sound daft but the best cure for water retention is to drink more water ladies if your body thinks it's getting lots of water it flushes all it's stores you will feel better it will fix your skin honest trust me i checked it and it works for me day before my weigh in i drink loads of water i don't care if all the water i have in my system makes me a pound heavier it means i'm properly hydrated and i wont bloat etc
it always disappoints me at time of month, my biggest down full is this is when im likely to cheat...and i do! I always crave bad foods when AF is here... gonna try sooo hard next month to not cheat lol


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Thank you everyone... I have felt SO fed up about this, but I'm still going to WI tonight and just see what happens.. I'm thinking I may have lost a little even though I've still got the bloated elephant legs..LOL.. SO attractive.. NOT!!! :eek:

Thanks again girls for your replies...


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any fight back tactics??

I am so glad this thread was started. My * week is coming. I tend to stay the same or put on weight. Not sure I have ever beat it!:mad::sigh:;):p:D

Anybody ever beat it? If you have, how?lol:confused:
It's not TOTM that bloats me as I don't have 'em due to the combo pill I'm on, but whenever I start a green day, I bloat - I run 1000 calories a day on the treadmill and have been advised that maybe I don't eat enough but I'm sure I don't go without - strange really cos when I have 'a day off' and have some wine (not calculated or counted), I'm not bloated - maybe it's the green day itself? I eat lotza pasta (plain, boiled) - any ideas anyone???


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Could you have an intolerance? or, a mild form of IBS?x
i have ibs and a wheat intolerance, i still have a little bit of wheat but i cant have alot as it makes me feel like a cant move i get so that i cant pull my stomach in at all and it all just hangs out :( its awful but extra strong mints, peppermint cordial, mint tea and buscopan work wonders

goood luck on all your future weightloss's girls xxx


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Could you have an intolerance? or, a mild form of IBS?x
Hi there Fuffs

No intolerance, just bad water retention when it's nearing *week... but by the replies I have so kindly received I'm not the only one with this going on... I had my WI last night and lost a further 3lb, so it's not all bad :D

Thanks ladies for all your replies and advice..


This is really the time!
Thats brilliant Tracee! (or shall I see Tracy, as you mentioned in another thread lol)

I usually stay the same or gain, so I am trying my best this week to make sure I am totally good. I want to be this sucker. A maintain or a gain on my second WI would pee me off somet rotten lol

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