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Water Retention

Hello everyone,

Im wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to get rid of water retention please?

Ive been taking all sorts of tablets post surgery and 2 lots of antibiotics, one of them being metronidazole which is well known for causing water retention.

I finished these on sunday but im still having 'issues'.

I drink at least 3 lts of water a day and eat loads of water rich fruit and veg, so its not that im not having enough water to pass through me :confused:

I bought some Herbal Aqua Ban from boots yesterday and have taken the first 2 tablets as suggested today but still nothing and i've drank 2 coffee's and 3 750ml glasses of water!

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated thanks peeps :cool:
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If Aqua Ban and herbal remedies haven't helped you I suggest you speak to your GP, as you are post surgery there may be a reason for your water retention and your GP will probably prescribe a mild water tablet to help you get rid of it, it will be better than keep buying 'over the counter' tablets - good luck with it. X
Don't touch salt. I find doing red days helps (don't ask me why?) have a bath with essential oil, I think it's Geranium or Juniper you need, Put your feet up if they are puffy (higher than your head if poss) as the lymph system doesn't have a pump like the circulatory system. If that doen't help try a massage. x


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I agree with Donnie - if Aqua Ban isn't helping see your doc maybe? I use Aqua Ban for pre-star weekness and I pee all day long after 2 of those!!! TMI I know lol!

Hope it's not too uncomfy x


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Come on Hun your body has been through alot! 48 hrs is hardly enough to let it settle! Diuretics are powerful drugs which deplete your body of essential minerals, they are not things to be used lightly, and I seriously doubt that any doctor worth his salt would prescribe them for you. What's the hurry?
What's the hurry?
Cos i wanna pee :p

Its just very unusual for me, i drink so much and i always go to the loo very frequently so to not do so feels very strange.

I dont think i want to have full blown diuretic which i why i bought the herbal aqua ban but its done nowt, nadda, nish!

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