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Water snob


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Bottled only - can't stand the taste of tap water - bleurgggggggggggggg

Never used the sticks so no idea really, except have seen other folks say that a deep colour might mean you are dehydrated - are you getting enough ;-)


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If your stix are dark purple it means ur dehydrated. :)


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I drink bottled because our water up here is really hard so it tastes disgusting and sometimes it has bits of limescale floating in it yuk!! :eek:

I only drink Asda's own though which is about 35p for 2 litres, otherwise with the amount I drink every day I would be bankrupt in a week lol :D

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Council Pop all the way for me!


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You need to keep it up every day unfortunately - I feel like I live in the loo at the moment - it speeds up the fat burning, too. :)


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I only love evian! Snob or what ha ha. I wouldn't worry too much about it being too purple as my mam always shows the darkest colour on the stick and she drinks sooooo much water everyday. As long as you know you are drinking the required amount and sticking to it i don't see a problem.
as long as its wet im ok haha
I don't mind really, water cooler at work, tap at home.


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I know - just buy a soda stream and use council pop ;)


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I love tap water, I've always drunk pints of it, fat, thin or inbetween :)

I do fill bottles & keep them in the fridge though.

I love the thought of 'council pop', :D


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Tap water for me too :)
I have a filter thingy though, so i use that! & fill a litre bottle up and carry it round with me all day! x

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