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Water! (The drinking kind!)

Hi all

I'm starting CD after my hols in August and have been reading this site and the official site in readyness.

My big worry is about the water ... not that I won't be able to drink it (I love the stuff) but that I may drink too much!! I've had a look at govenment websites and they recommend 2-3 litres per day, which I almost do now.

My husband used to work for the company that makes Evian and Volvic, and their experts say it's dangerous to drink over 4-5 litres a day, (and as it's their loss if people drink less, I would think it's true!) and although he's VERY supportive of my doing this diet, he's worried that I'll drink too much water.

I've told him that you have to drink more as you're not getting any fluids from your food ... but don't you add water to your shakes and soups?

CONFUSED!!! How much does everyone drink? I think the "More you drink the more you shrink" could be a dangerous statement for someone like me who loves water!

Anyway, I'll try not to worry/panic too much yet - still got a month till I start the blooming thing :D

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The Diet Guy

Ok remember that as you aren't eating you are not getting around 2.25 litres of water that is contained in a normal days food intake.

The recommendation from Cambridge is that minimum of 2.25 litres. Lighterlife is 4 litres and that is what I recommend to my clients.

I asked my GP when I started the diet and he said that drinking 12 litres or more was dangerous and hence he said not to go over 8 litres so you would be nowhere near.

If you are worried about your water intake then pop and see your GP and ask for his/her advice on what they think is a safe amount.

Hi Mike

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of sticking to 4 litres, so I'll go with that and see how I go.

(I have a hatrid of Doctors who blame everything from cut finger to headach on my weight!)



I can do this.
Hi Lesley. I drink 3ltrs a day wich is enough for me, spend most of the day in the loo now.

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