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Please please don't underestimate how important water is when losing weight on a VLCD. It is the lifeblood of the diet and is the difference between losing weight quickly and feeling good and losing it slowly and feeling lousy and tired.

If your counsellor gave you 4 litres of liquid in a bottle every week and said drink this to get slim then you would do it but just because it is water some people don't drink it.

You are doing the diet! You are no eating, spending the money and being super tough so please do the one thing that can help you finish quicker and also is free and DRINK THE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Only cos I saw 2 people last night who are losing so very slowly as they don't drink more than a litre a day)
I agree with Mike although I don't have his wealth of experience :D

I try to drink 6l's a day IN A CONSISTENT WAY and that's the key I feel :)
I completely agree too, it is the one element of this diet that I really struggle with - mainly when I am at work because of meetings and being distracted although I try to make up for it in the evenings (which means I am up in the night needing trips to the loo).

I actually think consistency is the key to the water as well, little and often!

Having said all that I usually manage a minimum of four litres a day but strive for more - a lot more!

I must also say that my skin is amazing since I started, I used to suffer from dry flaky skin but don't know - in fact I was thinking about that last night how glowing my skin looks compared to how it was a couple of months ago - especially on my legs.
Oh yes! Loads of other benefits.

I used to put L'Occitane foot cream on my elbows before the diet as they were so cracked and used to bleed but they are super soft now!

Also I find that people who drink water tend not to have problems with constipations, feeling lethargic and are generally just happier on the diet.

And remember Water is for life and not just the diet ;-)
Mike u r so right,i have always had probs drinking alot of water as now i have serious water retention probs,so as it is my day 1 for me today i am now going to ger my first bottle of water,am going to aim at 3 ltrs today and each day build it up so i can eventually try and aim for 5 ltrs by the end of my first week,hopefully i will then be able to stop taking my water tabs x
My advice on drinking water is to try and drink it at room temperature if you can as you can usually drink a lot more, also try and drink out of a glass tumbler as you can't drink as quickly out of a sports bottle or a normal bottle.

Also remember you aren't drinking water because you like the taste, you aren't drinking because you are thirsty either, you are drinking it because it makes you lose weight quicker and makes you feel better so glug the H20 all the way to slimdom!!!
Oh and always start early and finish early.

If you have a hiball tumbler (500mls) every hour and a half during the day then you will have had your 4 litres by 8pm and can then stop for the day.

(I bore all my clients to death with how important water is!)
I've noticed that I get very dizzy if I have less than 4 litres a day, does anyone know why?

I've just had a look at my elbows and Mike, you are right, mine are all smooth too and I used to have to rub cream in to them!

I'm also saving a fortune on make up as my skin is so good now that I don't need to use it!

And the biggest advantage to the water is that I look visably younger as It seems to have plumped up all my skin cells. I used to pay £30 for ROC cream to do this job but water had done the job better for FREE!!! :D
And remember that if you get spots in the first few weeks of the diet due to water it is merely the toxins getting flushed out of your skin and you will be left with lovely skin afterwards!
Hi Mike, :)

So how much water do you drink daily?

I was drinking 4/5l at one time but my cdc said it was too much..

But if I know it will speed my weightloss up I will drink more.
Only thing is its the TOTM not that you need to know but I feel really bloated & drinking loads of water makes me feel worse.. :(
Well official advice is a MINIMUM of 2.25 litres a day but I recommend that people have 4 litres but never more than 8 litres.

I spoke to my GP and also a consultant here at the Hospital and they both said that over 12 litres was dangerous so I always say 8 litres to you never get anywhere near it.

Hence my advice is 4 litres (which is actually the LighterLife minimum) is spot on! I still drink 4 litres a day even though I finished weight loss 6 months ago.

Right then guys, I want to see a photo gallery of soft elbows please :D
Extremely well said Mike!!! Water is most certainly the difference that makes the difference whether you are following a VLCD or not!!! :eek:

The true elixir of life!! :)
I have always been a water drinker and never bothered with tea, coffee or soft drinks so I have never had a problem glugging the required water plus more and never wanted the flavourings although I do have a few glasses of them whilst at my LL meetings :)
I'm trying with the water, and I'm hitting the 2 1/2 to 3 litre mark I think so I should be ok.
i have always struggled so much with the water thing, i was never a water drinker so to go from nothing to 4 litres a day is hard. I too have a nightmare at work as im on the toilet every 10 minutes which doesnt go down well with my colleuges when the phone keeps ringing! and dont want to be up all night either. I will try much harder in future as if it really does help with the weight loss (which i know it does deep down!) ive got to do it!
Oh my God!

Until Mike mentioned it I'd never realised - I have smooth elbows! They used to be really scratchy, he said it & I checked & mine are silky smooth now!

God I love this diet!