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Water Water Water - Help !!!


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Morning all

Well its my day 8 on this diet now and Im struggling to get through the water, I didnt drink much water at all yesterday and also ended up only have 2 shakes, which I know is wrong but I didnt feel well last night and just went to bed early.

What I want to know if does the water make a difference in your weight loss?? Does it effect the amount you lose if you dont drink enough.

Ive never been a big water drinker and I seem to be forever drinking it but its still not enough, I must be drinking 2litres or less a day...

Also its my wedding anniversay tomorrow and my hubby had a restaurant booked and everything for us to celebrate our 11yrs together and he had a sitter and everything planned so a night without the kids and ive had to tell him I cant go, its not gone down well at all:cry:..

Well hope your all doing well if youve got weigh in today x x
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Hi Blondie

Well, from my own personal experience, yes, drinking water does matter to your weight loss. But, not just that,,,you need to keep yourself hydrated. As we are losing weight quickly, we dont want to have any baggy skin afterwards and the water helps. There is a thread which talks all about water and I think it would do you the world of good to read it.

My tip to help is this. Either buy but better still (if your tap water is drinkable)...2 x 500ml bottles of water and 2 to 3 x 1 litre bottles. Put in fridge.
AS SOON AS YOU GET UP....start drinking the half litre....just keep drinking that and maybe aim to drink the 1 litre by around 11am if possible....then if you have your second one then, and have this till say 3pm,,,which really should be achievable. Then you can have a third one from thenon. If you are unable to get the 4th litre down, then I think 3 is much better.

It is all a matter of habit, to be honest. Before I started LT I drank about 1.5-2 litres a day, but it was with Robinsons R. I thought I would never ever get through just water, as it was never my favourite drink. But, I have persevered and drink 4 litres a day, albiet somedays I find it hard as I am busy and forget.

Always, always have a bottle with you...I have one even when I go out at lunch time, if I am shopping, etc....every minute helps.

It is such a good habit to get into, so my advice is just keep persevering...plus, it helps with your skin complexion and a whole host of other benefits.

Regarding the shakes.....try and have your three a day, as you do need all the nutrients, but will let you off as you were poorly ;-) I have done that too, so it is to be expected if we dont feel well to go off our food. But, try and take them each day so that you stay fit and healthy.

Hope this has helped..but dont be negative...be positive and say, I WILL aim for 2 litres today....get there, and then do that for a few days,,then up it...just always stay positive, never negative or you will end up failing.

Take care
Hiya the water is a necessity you really do need at least 3 litres id say or you start to feel tired and get headaches and you're more likely to fall of the wagon because you feel so ill! water is the key to this diet i reckon its miracle stuff! i drink 4litres of sparkling water a day it goes down better than ordinary water! and as for you meal out for your anniversary you can do that anytime your husband should understand that right now you really want to lose this weight more than you want to go out for a meal!i had a wek where i just wasnt that hungry so missed out a few shakes and my weight loss wasnt as good and the pharmacist said its because your body comes out off ketosis because your starving!so make sure you get all your shakes down ya and get guzzling that miracle juice!lol
good luck deb x


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Little and often, with the water - the more you get through the more you want to get through. don't try and down 500ml at a time, just always have water with you and you will get through more and more.

Do you also have black tea and/or black coffee? they count towards your water intake.

I've only started this past week to like black tea (extrmeely weak, with 1 sweetener) so it can clearly take a while to develop the taste for things!

Hope you have a lovely anniversary anyway. why not just go to a nice quiet pub or bar instead of a restaurant then you are only drinking sparkling water/coffee and not feeling like you are 'missing out' on eating? There's no reason to stop enjoying your social life on LT... go for it!

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