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Water, Water, Water = Pee!

Hi all,

Day 3 of the LT programme and I am taking it one day at a time :rolleyes:

Just wondering though about how muh water I should be having a day? The LT video says 4 pints minimum, but other threads I have read mention 4 LITRES minimum! Obviously there's a big difference and I know that the more you drink the bigger the weight loss each week...

But I am one of those who, when drinking loads of water, end up peeing loads!

So if you could tell me the minimum required I can then figure out a comfortable amount for me so I am getting enough water but not living in the bathroom :D!

Thanks in advance for any replies :p!
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Dont worry - the peeing is just one of the first side effects and it will die down when your body gets used to the extra water after a while.


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Water is so important with LT! Dont just stop at the minimum; yo want to get to the point where you are at the maximum!

The more water you drink the better the results! Ask anyone who has been doing LT any length of time.

Like curvy says, once your body gets used to it, you wont go so often.
hi hun i average 2/3 ltrs aday the frequent trips to the loo will settle once your body has adjusted keep up the great work the rsults will boost you further


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Just want to echo previous posts. Take between 2-4ltrs a day. 60% of the water our bodies need comes from our food intake. On TFR we have no food hence the need for additional water. Plus it helps flush out toxins and ketones and keeps our kidneys from getting stressed.
If you find water hard to take, keep a couple of litre bottles with you and sip at it throughout the day. You will get into the habit and the peeing settles down after a week or so when our bladders/kidneys adjust.


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I'm wearing a trench into the floor between my desk at work and the loo! I only have one kidney so I have to drink at least 3litres a day anyway (so says the consultant).

I aim for 4 litres now and it is getting much much easier to get it down :)
My problem is when I work I am out and about all day so have to unt for toilets!
And getting up twice in the night I am constantly exhausted!

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