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You do get used to it. It's just finding the routine that suits you best.

Here's various tips that come to mind.

Drink at room temperature
Lay out all the days drinks in glasses in the morning and everytime you go in the kitchen drink a glass
Carry a sportsbottle around with you and just keep sipping
Someone told me they could only drink the amount if they drank through a straw.
Have a glass when you get your shakes ready.
Put a bottle of water beside your bed and drink a load before you get up in the morning.

As I say...it's just finding one way that suits you :)


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I used to hate water and would rarely drink a glass. I'm not saying that I actually like it but I found a way that works for me.

I put a large bottle (1.5 ltrs) on my desk at 8 a.m. and just keep drinking a glass every half hour. I make sure I drink it all by noon and then I fill it up again, making sure I drink all that by 4 p.m. I then drink another litre at home. I find it really easy to get 4 litres down me by doing it this way. If my weight loss starts to slow I'll up my night time by another litre.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll find a way that suits you and soon you'll be gulping it down!



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Your weight loss for week one is fantastic salsalass!!! Wow! Well done, its the most i've seen in a while

Lardass, you do get used to drinking the water. It becomes routine after a while and when you haven't drunk that much, you don't feel right... thats how it is for me anyway:)


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This probably sounds daft I love water but I can only drink it through a straw or a sports bottle!

I'm OK with drinking fizzy flavoured water (Cd flavourings) out of a glass but other than that, my trusty battered sports bottles go everywhere with me :D


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Benn on CD for 4 weeks now and i am pleased i have weaned myself off of diet coke but will i ever like water.

Someone told me you get used to it but when ??????

Really have to force it down each day.

Hi lardass,

Congratulations on weaning off diet coke!

I have a friend and she is addicted to coke and feels she will never be able to give it up, so I must pass on your good news as it will encourage her to try again, I hope...

I can't drink tap water:( all bottled and I buy it by the load in Tesco's, I love volvic and I try to buy it on special offers, but I find Tesco spring water very good.

I leave it on the kitchen counter to make sure I am drinking it and that I am drinking enough.

4/5 litres is what I feel comfortable at and that would include my water for mixing my CD meals. Most days I do go over 5 litres, but not much more than 5.

I feel myself the water helps with the condition of my skin. I would notice the lack of water on the back of my hands.

I have a large lass not a pint glass but a big one and I drink two of these along with my meal, I think I sound like a washing machine as I walk afterwards, I feel everyone can hear the water swishing from side to side..LOL:eek: :rolleyes:


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Lardass i was a diet coke junkie have drank it all my life even when diet coke was TAB!! Can anyone remember it? i didn't drink any other juice atall apart from the odd irn bru, anyway i had never drank water until last week and although im still not keen on it im drinking it because i know it will help my weightloss and i havn't touched a drop of diet coke since! my only advice is to cut it out straight away and start on water belive me if i can do it anyone can!!

Good luck i know how difficult it is.