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  1. megsmum

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    I bet this has been asked loads of time so sorry if you are having to repeat yourselfs.

    I am drinking all my water and a bit more every day but I am peeing for my country. I have to plan my day around the water and toilet. At the moment I am going about every 15 mins.

    Does this get better and when I keep hearing it will ease of but roughly when. I darnt go out incase I need. The day I go to my meeting which is in the evening i hardly drink at all as I have to go on the bus for a hour so darnt.

    Please tell me it will get better and I can stop worrying about turning into a recluse:wave_cry:
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  3. iceycold

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    Hi, it is does get better, I think your bladder stretches a bit to hold more.
    It becomes manageable.
    But, I still plan shopping trips etc. around how much water to take with me and where to visit the loo.
    It kind of becomes a way of life.
    My car broke down and all I could think of is I haven't brought enough water for this, wheres the nearest shop?

    It does get loads better from the first weeks
  4. Just Do It

    Just Do It Full Member

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    Hi MegsMum,
    I remember the first week I had to get up to go to the loo about 6 times during the night, after about 3 weeks it went to once a night, sometimes 2. And about the same time the days got loads better. It amazes me how much I can hold in now!

    Looking forward to seeing your losses.
  5. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    I agree,it gets easier, although I do still plan around loo stops at times!! I find I get up about twice a night now but thats my own fault as I tend to drink later in the evening!! DOH!
  6. Vicky-Lou

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    I'm glad to hear the peeing thing does get better - was up 7 times last night and having been up about 2 hours already had to visit the little room about 6 times! I reckon the weight loss comes from running to and from the loo! LOL!:)

    Anyway todays day 4 so I can try the delights of bars - does anyone have a fave?
  7. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    After 20 something weeks I can say I still plan my days around water more than packs!
    But you do get used to it and it starts to become second nature. Depending on where I am work wise can often mean I have to get at least 3ltrs down in the evening which makes the nocturnal visits frequent! But you do find ways to make it work for you. The easiest days for me are getting a litre down before I leave the house for work. I did have to have a few trial runs though to make sure I could actually make it to the office without a loo stop!!
  8. megsmum

    megsmum Full Member

    thanks Im glad it does get better. I am getting fed up with the loo stops. It is ok when I am at work but it is the other things. I love walking my dogs but cant go after i have drunk so much water. I am coming in from work at lunchtime walking them and then starting on the water, I then know i cant go out again. I am feeling a bit like a prisoner in my own home. I use to have to watch was I drunk before starting LL so it is not a new thing for me just a lot worse now.

    This morning i had to nagg the family as we were going out. I wanted to get going so I could get back and start drinking. I can have a little before I go but not a lot.

    I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end
  9. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    keep with it megsmum, it will ease up eventually and the more u drink the more u shrink!
  10. megsmum

    megsmum Full Member

    I will have that on my tomb stone, in fact I am going to put it in my signiture :eek:))

    The more you drink the more you shrink :eek:))

    I have managed to get half my water in so far. I do find the St Clements stuff does make it taste better and easier to go down.
  11. Vicky-Lou

    Vicky-Lou Member

    Well I really didn't expect to be typing this, but I've drunk about 6.5 litres today - and really felt like I've wanted/neeeded every drop.

    Question - if you drink the savory drink does that count towards water intake?

    Off to bed now - hope I'm not up too often. LOL!
  12. Cerulean

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    The only fluid that counts towards your intake is water or water with the LL fruit water flavourings - tea, coffee, savoury drink do not count towards it on LL. Near the beginning I had some weeks where i felt like I needed every drop of 6 litres, then that dropped back to 4.

    Your bladder does 'stretch' but I still need a nighttime trip even on management! At one point in foundation I would have done anything for a chamberpot - (my loo is down a spiral staircase)
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