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The max anyone should really drink is 6 litres a day honey


Crawling to the finish!
is there really a maximum? im sure my CDC said the more water the better, there was only a min? RB do you know the reson why threre can be too much because Im worrying I drink quite a fair ammount xx
Too much water is very harmful to the body. It dilutes important things like salt which affects the brain. One woman was put on a very low sodium diet and then told to up her water intake - she had an epileptic fit and now has terrible brain damage. Too much can swell the brain and you can literally drown. There is such a thing as water-poisoning.

How Much Water Should You Drink?
I was watching "This Morning" a few weeks ago and they were talking about a tennis player (i think) who drank 17 pints of water and died. =/
So i think there is a limit, and like rainbow said, you should only drink about 6 liters a day.


Crawling to the finish!
oh god, well I think my CDC needs her title taken off her I told her I could easily drink more than 12 bottles a day and she just laughed and said very good:mad:
You can drink too much water and it can be fatal. My old CDC used to recommend no more that 6 litres a day.

I used to find the amount of pounds I had lost a week correlated to the amount of water I drank.

If I drank 2 litres, I'd lose 2lbs, 3 litres - 3lbs etc. It was weird!
4 litres a day is a good amount to aim for honey. I aim for between 4/5 per day and have not had any adverse effects
4 litres would be fine!

The 3 main VLCD's have different recommendations regarding water anyway...
LighterLife say 4 litres
Cambridge says 2 litres
Lipotrim says 2 litres.

I'd go for 4, the more water you drink, the more you lose!
Thanks guys, I knew you could get water poisoning but thought it was only if you had like 20 litres or something! :eek: Think il cut down to 4/5 litres a day to be on the safe side :)
my llc said the whole diluting of salts does not happen with a vlcd only with conventional food!! that because ur only eating 500 cals a day water intake is ok. just dont drink 10 litres in 1 hour!!
i drink mostly 5-6 litres a day and she said this is fine. it all depends on diff peoples bodies!!
I was told not to go over 6. Same reasons as above really. :D

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