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Eloquent hooligan
Mawnin' early bird :) Or yawnin' in my case... just having my vanilla & coffee shake to wake up...

I'm trying to knock back at least 3 litres a day... I take a 1.5 bottle to work & try to get through another when I get back at night.

Think the leaflet says at least 2 litres is needed on CS... I find that having a slug whenever I feel hungry is a good suppressant :)
yessum tend to do that when im hungry and when that stops working then i know im really hungry. im always an early bird, not quite as pleasant as a wee tweety bird in the morning but cant be perfect lol

before cs i never drank water, i cant drink it out the tap i have a thing with it in a glass but as soon as i put it in a bottle it just doesnt seem like tap water anymore lol weirdo me eh! did u ever drink any of the tea's that are meant to be good? if so can u reccomend one? ta


Eloquent hooligan
Who would want perfection ? I'd get bored :D

I used to drink green tea but it's def. an acquired taste.... somewhat akin to boiled up nettles that a tramp has peed on...

Saying that I think CS has green tea extract in the powder... the blokey ones do anyway :)
mmm u make it sound so yummy pmsl cant wait to get some heh heh i think they do have it in ours too talking of shakes i need to go make mine. i know its a drink but i cant drink it when im just up.


Serial poster
Morrisons to green tea with mint which I've got -the mint makes it much nicer.

They also do green tea with lemon and with jasmine - cheap as well!

thank mazza that sounds a lot nicer than pissy bottled up nettles lol probably get some at the weekend when i do my shopl, thanks.

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