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Never give up

I had a couple of nibbles Weds and Thurs - and I do mean tiny nibbles, and zero carb at that! WI Friday, lost 5lbs. Then I went to a BBQ on Friday evening and in a premeditated fashion ate a small very low carb meal I won't bother you with the details of. Checked Saturday morning and still very much in ketosis. So far so good. The plan was to go back 100%, but, my partner is doing Atkins, so the place is full of low carb food (most of which I am making!), and I know it will be slowing my weight loss, but I'm still nibbling! Arrrrgh!

I only have three weeks left to do on LT, I really really want to lose those last 10lbs. Please kick me up the ass and tell me to stop messing about!!! :break_diet:

Size10 thanks so much for asking - at least you've got my confession on the record now! :)
Kick!!!!! Great that your still in ketosis and good loss too. Could you manage an atkins/Lt combo? Does not matter how you lose the weight as long as you loose it. Glad to hear your doing ok though. this morning I weighed myself as exactly a stone overweight. I want to go a few pounds lower than that too but hey its not much now.


Never give up
Yes, I actually planned to go Atkins anyway to lose about another 10lbs when I got to 12st on LT, but I know my loss will be much slower, so my head is saying give LT the last three weeks (weekend away 26th September so want to refeed the week before) but my stomach is saying eat!
Hmm its totally up to you hun. If you do want to go for tfr then we will help you, maybe join up with Nat and get through the first few days together by posting loads like we did 4 weeks ago. Good luck either way! x
Forget the kick, here's a bloody great boot up your backside.

Don't give in now, stick with it ofr another 3 weeks. You CAN do it and just think how much more succesful you loss will be.

Also, and almost more importantly, I need you on here to keep me amused with the little witty comments, so no excuses!


Never give up
Aw Clep, you're so sweet. :)

Another meh day I'm afraid. And I'm actually starting to feel hungry now, which I haven't for a couple of weeks. Help, my willpower is slipping away...

No, seriously, I'm going back to the shakes, the whole shakes, and nothing but the shakes, from tomorrow. Scout's honour. Expect me back on the 100% parade ground, uniform pristine and boots you could see your face in, this time tomorrow, sir yes sir! (She says for the fifth day in a row.) :p

Thanks for worrying about me, and encouraging me you two.
Good attitude above - keep it up. Only 10 measly little lbs to go.

How're you doing today?? Superglue the water bottle to your hand and stay out of the kitchen. I know you can do it.


Never give up
I'm doing it sister! :8855:

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