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Waves at every1. Hellooooo

Just thought i would come and wave and say helllllo :giggle:
Been reading this site for the past week and thought it was time to join you all and to start the good old tracker thingy ( if its not here, plzzzzz help ) and share my ups and hopefully not so many downs with you all

Started 26th August 11 stone 8lbs

1st weight-in today
1st september 11 stone 2lbs (6lb) :clap:

Would love to get down to 9 stone 7lbs.

Well here goes with the cambridge Diet

Happy monday every1 and hope its a good week for all :hug99:
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Hi Mrs Bear, welcome to the throng! I have found it very supportive coming to this forum and addictive! everyone had been there and done it, when others wonder what on earth you are eating, everyone here knows and understands.
Take care, Angie
Hi and thankyou for a lovely warm welcome.
My tracker, how do i get it up and running? Ive pressed every buttom going and still nothing:cry:
Hey congrats on ur first week and a great loss!! i am on my first week also and dont have my first weigh in until tomo night !! arghh really nervous and excited . are you doing sole source ? i am doing 810 cal as recommended by my councellor. i have 4 stone to lose . wish me luck xx
Hi Pipz.

Im on ss and its going ok. Cant wait for 2m as the porridge is coming :p Mrs bear loves porridge lol

Let us know how u get on 2m, im sure you will do well.:party0011: Good luck hunni x x
Thanx i will let you know! i might go on to ss going to see if im happy with the weight loss on 810 first thou as still enjoy a meal in the evening even if it is a small one , and i have been freezing my tetra packs and having them as icecream 4 a pudding its lovely .

i keep hearing about this porridge might ask my counscellor tomo night about it . yum yum ..lol.
Welcome, My tracker didn't appear at first. You have to cut and paste the code that appears on that particular page. You also have to make sure you have your pin number or you can't change as you loose your weight.
Good luck
Ive not got round to frezzing my tetra as yet, sounds a yum idea.

Ohyes, the porridge does sound good, it comes out 2m here so will have to drive back just to get some but with what ive heard about it, its worth it

Happy drinking :D
Thankyou percy, i shall go and have a play around now.
Have a good week x


Loves being slim!
Hi Jodie.
Sounds like you are doing really well so far!
Glad to see you found us. (I can't beleive how much I've posted in just 2 weeks!)
I love the support and how we can all help each other, as well as have a laugh!
I only wish i found this site long ago, still working my way around it but every1 has been so helpfull. So enjoy looking at other peeps pics and how well they have done.

Well my 1st weeks over and you know what, it wasnt that bad really. Lots of early nites and hot bubble baths helped. Had a few moans here and there but i stuck with it and it paid off. Roll on week 2 :cool:

What kind of things do you all do just to keep "happy" ? evenings i find are alittle hard where b4 i would relax with a glass or 2 of vino and something naughty

Guess what, i need another wee lol. But is shows ive been a good girl. Wish i had a down stairs loo :p


Loves being slim!
Guess what, i need another wee lol. But is shows ive been a good girl. Wish i had a down stairs loo :p
No you don't, think of the exercise of climbing those stairs!

At night....well I surf the net, watch TV and look forward to 8.30 when I can have my tea and CD chocolate bar!

I'm pretty dull though.

Oh actually, I'm a member of a great spa and gym, so I have been known to head to the spa, have a massage, then sit around reading by the pool at least twice.
Thats wednesday night planned!
cool, sounds very nice. Ive 2 sons that are in bed (far from asleep GGrrr) at this time of nite so not able to go out. I just want my bed! Ive just had a lovely bubble bath now in me pj`s watching poop on telly BUT it always feels something is missing. Im not hungry but the habbit of "hand to mouth" motion is still yet to be broken. :-(
Morning nightpaz.
How are you doing? as i cant see anything on ur message. Are you also on cd ss?

Another day but this day is special as the kids are back at school and its porridge pick up day :) WOOP WOOP

Hope evey1 has a cracking day..... happy drinking x x
Hi Pipz,

Just seeing how u got on with ur 1st weigh in?

Hope ur doing well, keep drinking the water thats what i keep telling myself to.
Rememeber. WE CAN DO IT ! ! ! ! x

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