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Waving hello :)

This is my fifth week on Slimmingworld and the first time in my life I've ever dieted or watched my food/weight. I've seen some good results but have been feeling rather sluggish the past week or so.

I thought I had a pretty good diet when starting the programme but the first day I went without my usual sugary breakfast (muffin, apple juice, latte with two sugars) I went through a kind of sugar withdrawal which saw me incredibly sick and headachy just like detoxing from nicotine. It shocked me.

So, although I'm not likely to stray from the diet anytime soon, I am starting to face that 'blah' stage.

I've lost 11.5lbs so far and am aiming for a big fat five stone off. Wish me luck :)
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Welcome to the site. Well done on your weight loss so far thats excelent hun. This is a great place for ideas, support or a kick up the arse when needed. :welcome:
Thanks :) I've been poking around the recipe threads for new ideas. I seem to have a Mullerlight addiction at the moment. Never was a big yoghurt eater before though.


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Welcome and well done on the losses!! I was addicted to mullerlight at first as well :)

When I become bored I look at what I am eating and try new recipes and change what I eat to help ease the blah feeling!! If you are lacking energy I would make sure you are getting your 5 fruit and veg a day and make sure you are getting your protein in as well hon

Welcome to the fruit and nut house!

Ruthy xxx
Thanks everyone. I must confess that I'm 'from foreign' so don't really get this whole 'egg and chips' as a main meal lark but I'll consider it for sure ;)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
welcome and well done on your weight loss.

i don't get the whole chips'n'egg thing either...i particulalry don't get the cold ham, chips'n'egg thing!

is it an english thing? ...my parents are scottish and never cooked anything like that when i was a kid.


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We used to have egg and chips when we were young and mum had run out of housekeeping money. So egg and chips isn't a really a treat for me! I am rather partial to boiled eggs (with runny yolk) and marmite soldiers though :)


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Oh I love marmite. I watched a programme last week about how they researched & designed the squeezy bottles for it. Very interesting. God I should get out more lol.

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I love Marmite too. And also egg and chips but I haven't yet mastered the SW chips - must have a go this weekend.

Just about to have scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast with tomatoes and mushrooms. I love this diet :D


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mmmmmmmm Scrambled egg! I have cheese and marmite sandwiches for lunch, they are nice.

Inkognitoh, welcome to the forum and well done on your success so far. When you get into it, it's a great plan x

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