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way off topic

there was another nasty earthquake here in new zealand today
it struck at lunch time:(
so far 65 people are dead and at least 200 people trapped in collapsed buildings
my son is in boartding school in christchurch we have not been able to get through to anyone so am unsure if he is okay
along with all the other people that live in this unfortunate town
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Desi, I've just been reading about this on the BBC, I do hope you manage to contact your son soon and that he and his friends are all fine.

Heartfelt condolences to those affected by this.

What is happening at the minute to NZ and Australia, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, fires??
hi yes thankfully just got through to the school and all is good there
the boys are in there dorms in bed and because they dont have tv at the school they have been sheltered from whats happening around them and dont know anything.

there are fires in the buildings that are collapsed and were people are trapped that there trying to put out
its a lot worse then the big quake in september

yeah i dont know its teribble theres also floods hopefully they get that under control or the people that are trapped will die
not only are they stuck but now they have flooding and fires
Desire I am so glad you have heard from the school , its such a worry!! I have just been reading about it in the news and can't believe whats happening to the planet!!
My heart goes out to all those who have lost relatives/friends and my thoughts are with you all during this time xxx
I haven't seen this on the news at all yet, i'll tune in soon.
I do hope the casulties are limited.
My thoughts and well wished go out to all those involved!
rescuers from other countrys are arriveing and they got a few people out over night but not many
still a lot trapped but heres hopeing they come out alive.
i think for me one of the worse storys was a lady that was found dead holding her baby ( who was still alive) as she was running out of a building it collapsed on her.
desire stay safe my thoughts are with you all
how sad about the lady holding the baby, she was probably doing her best to protect the child!! So glad your son and all his friends are ok, you must of been so worried. Its terrible whats going on with weather and natural disaster at the moment.. My heart goes out to all those affected by this unpredictable and unavoidable tragedy!!
thanks everyone
around 120 people were pulled out of buildigs its unreal
have just been told a 9 month old boy is dead after a tv fell on him
its great that so many countries are on there way to help out
hopefully there will be no more big earthquakes
some recovery's have been put on hold as the buildings are unsafe and another building ( the 2nd tallest in chch) is about to colapse and there saying its ready to collapse on top of the building they are trying to rescue people from
its so sad and unreal
its great so many people are uniteing and helping out
so far they are reporting that 75 are dead and 300 are missing
heres hopeing they can get thoose that are alive out and quickly

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